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    bobby g wins court case


    PRIMAL SCREAM singer BOBBY GILLESPIE has been awarded damages from the NEWS OF THE WORLD after claims by the newspaper that he had an affair with supermodel KATE MOSS.

    The publication apologised for the "distress and injury" caused to Gillespie and fiancée Katy England, and agreed not to repeat the allegations.

    The article, with the headline ‘It Moss Be Love’, wrongly claimed that Moss was comforting Gillespie after a split with England.

    According to MediaGuardian.co.uk, Gillespie and England’s solicitor Gerrard Tyrrell said: "The claimants are in fact happily engaged and living together. The claimants are both good and longstanding friends of Kate Moss and are both godparents to her daughter."

    The News Of The World said that it accepted the allegations against Gillespie and England were wrong and agreed to pay damages and legal costs to the couple.

    Published: 29-07-2004-15-51




    hey crazy ! i’ve never posted a pic here before, so this was a test + it worked … :D :D :D :D :D



    oh well, this kind of stories don’t make it as easy into the headlines as the phoney scandals do… :roll:

    hey rambleon, cool pic upload! :mrgreen: it’s easy after one has found out how…
    [for those who still wonder: right click on a pic on the net, copy the link of the pic under properties, then open a new reply, paste the link of the pic, mark the link and click on the "Img" button on the top of the new post. that’s it.]



    yeah, i was surprised how easy it was :aliensmile: … thanks to jeremiah even computer-challenged people like me can upload pix :D :D

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