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    Fantastic show, great energy (perhaps a bit too much as the slam dancing was knocking innocent bystanders around!) – this is a great, cozy club to see a show. I saw the Farm tour here as well and they have a great calendar – many interesting bands stop here. Set list:

    See It On Your Side
    The Lung
    Almost Fare
    Start Choppin’
    Dont Pretend You Didn’t Know
    Watch The Corners
    Feel The Pain
    Out There
    What Was That
    Training Ground
    Little Furry Things
    E: Raisans
    Just Like Heaven

    General observations – The new songs sound great, especially Don’t Pretend, Watch the Corners and What Was That. Almost Fare, which has grown on me on the record, didn’t work very well live. J used a wah wah, underwater reggae sound for the verses that just didn’t sound great live. The chorus sounded nice, however, but an overall muddy presentation. This is probably one of the songs J mentioned writing without worry for how it would be done live. Murph was ferocious on the drum kit. Perhaps it was because I was up front, but he hit all the fills and beats right on the money. Lou was really into it as well, had a number of technical issues, once during Lung, several times between songs, where J noodled for a minute or so while Lou got his bass set.

    I hope there’s another leg next year, these set lists are varied each night with a total of just under 30 songs being shuffled in a out of each show.



    Totally agree with the comments above. Really good atmosphere and vibe in the crowd. I’m a little surprised that they played so much from the new album nothing from Beyond or Farm.

    One note-It was actually Forget the Swan they played before the encore, not Gargoyle.



    Hm, I was thinking it was Gargoyle……



    A few other sites have Gargoyle listed, too.



    do you know the other 30 songs they vary?



    There’s a core set of songs and then about 10 that have been shuffled in and out. Check out setlist.fm for the run down, but off the top of my head, the shuffled songs are Wagon, Tarpit, Thumb, Get Me, Forget the Swan, Gargoyle, Budge, In A Jar, Out There, Little Fury Things, Lung, Raisans, Pond Song, Kracked, Sludgefeast, No Bones, They Always Come, Repulsion, Yeah We Know, Chunks, The Post, Mountain Man, Back To Your Heart, Bulbs of Passion, Pierce the Morning Rain & Almost Fare.

    The staples, pretty much every night songs are See It On Your Side, Rude, Watch The Corners, What Was That, Don’t Pretend You Didn’t Know, Freakscene, Feel The Pain, Start Choppin’, Just Like Heaven & Training Ground.

    36 different songs played over the last month. Pretty awesome.



    It was Gargoyle played. I have a really bad recording of the show. first time recording and this place was really small. The recording has a really annoying noise throughout the thing. I guess I should of put it in my pocket.

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