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    YIKES :shock:

    Hope everyone in the black out areas had a safe nite, sounds pretty horrible, people sleeping on streets in Toronto, NYC, Detroit, Ottawa :shock:

    Friend of mine is stuck in Detroit, guess The Stooges show was a no go, think it was to be their 1st show in Detroit since 1974 (Metallic KO).

    funniest comment on cnn by Wolf Blitzer (is there a better name for a news guy :lol: )…"people sleeping on the streets, it looked like a scene from a bad kevin costner movie"

    Fingers crossed they get the power up to full speed soon :!:



    Over on another board I frequent,most of the members are going to Vermont this weekend for a big concert deal with Tanya Donelly,Kristin Hersh,Juliana Hatfield,etc. some people are flying in from England to Toronto and other parts of the US,guess what day?yesterday :shock: they`ve been planing this concert since last winter,I hope it`s on and they`re able to get there :!:



    :shock: :!:

    I hope they make it as well, that would be tough, coming all that way & getting stuck in a hot & powerless TO :(



    the fine people in VT probably didnt even know there was an outage :)


    fata morgana

    Yikes! :shock: :wink:



    I just hope they`ll let the concert go on since they`re trying to conserve energy in the New England states so it might be a big unplugged event instead :!:


    Bucky Ramone

    Seems that the Stooges homecoming show in Detroit fell victim to the blackout: from the Detroit Free Press:

    The hometown reunion for Iggy & the Stooges on
    Thursday was rescheduled for Aug. 25

    the full story :roll:



    boy, that is such a serious bummer for all the people who came from far + wide to see such a great show … :( … hope most of them can make it for the new date …



    Right after soundcheck the lites went out… :(

    That had to hurt, glad it could be rescheduled for the 25th. Hopefully some of the people from out of town can stick around for the show :!:



    dark in the daytime,
    people sleep, if they want to, if they want, if they want to…
    I’m checking it out, I’ve got it figured out, I’m not the one that’s got it figured out…

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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