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    Punk icon and van-touring heavyweight Mike Watt is hitting the road again this fall with a new three-piece band for a herculean 50 shows in 52 nights. Fresh off a globe-spanning tour with J. Mascis and the Fog, Watt will jump in his Ford Econoline van with drummer Jerry Trebotic and guitarist Tom Watson (collectively known as "The Jom and Terry Show") for a U.S. headlining trek that begins Sept. 11 in San Francisco. The trio has only two scheduled days off between Sept. 11 and Nov. 3.

    In the meantime, the hard-working bassist is at home in San Pedro, Calif. He’s not resting too much though, with six August dates scheduled with various side projects, including Banyan, a quintet led by Jane’s Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins.

    The former Minutemen and fIREHOSE bassist rose to solo fame in the mid-’90s, with two critically acclaimed albums, "Ball-hog or Tugboat?" and "Contemplating the Engine Room" (Columbia). The former, which hit No. 5 on Billboard’s Heatseekers chart in 1995, featured guest performances by a zoo of post-punk and alternative-rock notables including members of Pixies, Sonic Youth, Beastie Boys, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Meat Puppets, and Screaming Trees.

    In recent years, Watt has played bass with Porno For Pyros and, most recently, J. Mascis and the Fog. He regularly posts updates on his personal Web site.

    Here are Mike Watt’s tour dates:

    Sept. 11: San Francisco (Bottom of the Hill)
    Sept. 12: Sacramento, Calif. (Old Ironsides)
    Sept. 13: Eugene, Ore. (W.O.W. Hall)
    Sept. 14: Portland, Ore. (Dante’s)
    Sept. 15: Seattle (Crocodile Cafe)
    Sept. 16: Vancouver (Starfish Room)
    Sept. 17: Spokane, Wash. (Mootsy’s)
    Sept. 18: Missoula, Mont. (the Ritz)
    Sept. 19: Boise, Idaho (Neurolux)
    Sept. 20: Salt Lake City (Liquid Joe’s)
    Sept. 21: Fort Collins, Colo. (Starlight)
    Sept. 22: Denver (Bluebird Theater)
    Sept. 24: Omaha, Neb. (Sokol Underground)
    Sept. 25: Lawrence, Kan. (the Bottleneck)
    Sept. 27: Madison, Wisc. (the Annex)
    Sept. 28-29: Minneapolis (7th Street Entry)
    Sept. 30: Chicago (Double Door)
    Oct. 1: Bloomington, Ind. (Bluebird)
    Oct. 2: Lexington, Ky. (Lynagh’s)
    Oct. 3: Nashville (the End)
    Oct. 4: Cincinnati (Top Cats)
    Oct. 5: Columbus, Ohio (Little Brother’s)
    Oct. 6: Detroit (the Shelter)
    Oct. 7: Cleveland (Grog Shop)
    Oct. 8: Pittsburgh (31st Street Pub)
    Oct. 9: Philadelphia (Khyber Pass)
    Oct. 10: New York (Mercury Lounge)
    Oct. 11: Hoboken, N.J. (Maxwell’s)
    Oct. 12: Cambridge, Mass. (T.T. the Bear’s)
    Oct. 13: Providence, R.I. (Met Cafe)
    Oct. 14: Albany, N.Y. (Valentine’s)
    Oct. 15: Baltimore (Fletcher’s)
    Oct. 16: Washington, D.C. (Black Cat)
    Oct. 17: Charlottesville, Va. (Starr Hill)
    Oct. 18: Carrboro, N.C. (Cat’s Cradle)
    Oct. 19: Atlanta (the EARL)
    Oct. 20: Athens, Ga. (40 Watt Club)
    Oct. 21: Jacksonville, Fla. (Jack Rabbit’s)
    Oct. 22: Orlando, Fla. (Sapphire Supper Club)
    Oct. 23: Tampa, Fla. (State Theatre)
    Oct. 25: Birmingham, Ala. (the Nick)
    Oct. 26: Mobile, Ala. (Splash)
    Oct. 27: New Orleans (Shim Sham Club)
    Oct. 28: Houston (Engine Room)
    Oct. 29: Austin, Texas (Stubb’s Barbeque)
    Oct. 30: Dallas (Trees)
    Oct. 31: Oklahoma City (VZD)
    Nov. 2: Albuquerque, N.M. (Launchpad)
    Nov. 3: Tempe, Ariz. (Nita’s Hideaway)



    Woo-hoo! Watt’s coming back my way!!! Thanks, ELJ!

    Be safe, Watt. [img]images/smiles/converted/smile.gif[/img]



    <BLOCKQUOTE><font>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by dfkgurl:
    <STRONG>Woo-hoo! Watt’s coming back my way!!! Thanks, ELJ!

    Be safe, Watt. [img]images/smiles/converted/smile.gif[/img]</STRONG><HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    No problemo. [img]images/smiles/converted/wink.gif[/img]

    And he’s coming my way too… Woo-hoo!! [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img]

    <FONT>[ August 03, 2001 07:56 PM: Message mutated 1 time, lastly by ELJ ]</font>



    Does this mean he’s leaving the fog behind? [img]images/smiles/converted/frown.gif[/img] [img]images/smiles/converted/bawling.gif[/img]



    <BLOCKQUOTE><font>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Tom N:
    <STRONG>Does this mean he’s leaving the fog behind? [img]images/smiles/converted/frown.gif[/img] [img]images/smiles/converted/bawling.gif[/img]</STRONG><HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Temperarily… [img]images/smiles/converted/wink.gif[/img]



    Anyone aware of Watt returning to the UK again ?



    <BLOCKQUOTE><font>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by SludgeFeast:
    <STRONG>Anyone aware of Watt returning to the UK again ?</STRONG><HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Nah… that tour is supposed to be US only… kind of hard for him to get his Econoline across the ocean, eh? [img]images/smiles/converted/wink.gif[/img]

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