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    "Samwise" wrote:
    God, how do you live in a country that has something like Fox "News"?

    I agree, I don’t have a television but am still somewhat exposed to it at others houses etc.. A few years ago my take on Fox was that it was a joke, mostly just laughable sensational programming.
    Like, COPS, and those Judge things then just in August of this year, I went to a party at a house that had a television in like every room, streaming wireless, and it was set on the Fox station. OMG, I was shocked that it had become this right winged, Republican, nutty, fruity, red, white and blue, George Bush, wave the flag monster of a station. My family seems to enjoy my new funny bit, When, I get so upset at something I have seen or heard George Bush or Cheney say, I just speak to the walls and say "ONSTAR, Oh, my God, there has been an accident, please come and help us." I just want to hear an Onstar ad that goes something like, "Onstar, I’m drunk as hell and I can’t drive home, can you send someone to help me.


    Sonic Crackwhore

    That is some of the funniest shit ever. He named the vibrator! I read it all on smokinggun.com. I watch o’reilly every now & then and this is just the ultimate, he’s the ultimate hypocrite. Fox must have paid this girl off big big big bucks. I can’t believe how quick the story was squashed. That was surprising, I thought the story would have longer legs.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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