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    What about EXPERIMENTAL JET SET, TRASH AND NO STAR and WASHING MACHINE?? I specially recommend "Diamond Sea".

    "At the end, I went to jail & got executed just because I didn’t cried at my mother’s funeral."
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    Hey antipop,

    I 2nd what Jasper said, just don’t play Purr from Dirty on the road can lead to dangerous acceleration….don’t think you would have the fluffy white snow to buffer the crash that I landed in so be careful!!!


    ps all I meant was try not to take things so seriously….hope you had a funtime at the gig. Sorry….working nites and it feels like my brain is melting ahhhh

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    My 5 Fav Sonic Youth records:
    Daydream Nation
    A Thousand Leaves
    Washing Machine

    I still never bought Sister!So I can`t rate that.
    Experimental Jet Set… is my least fav.


    K7 Rides Again

    I think everything from evol through washing machine are pretty comparable…all excellent. It has the intenseness and feeling of all the earlier albums…just more matured/ better controlled in my opinion. If you listen to all the older stuff and albums like "made in the usa" you here musical ideas that are later fully developed on newer albums. !,000 leaves is pretty good, still very easy to space out with and lose yourself in the noise, but it just doesn’t seem to be nearly as intense as earlier albums (a quality I really like). Listened to NYC Ghosts on many occasions and CANNOT get into it. the poetry accompanied by the guitar crap just doesn’t work for me and it’s even lost some more of SY’s intensity. However…didn’t they have all there equipment ripped off bfore they produced that album? maybe that weren’t able to do with NYC exactly what they wanted because of that, you know playing with new/ unfimiliar stuff equipment.
    Anti-get yourself some SONIC YOUTH IMMEDIATELY!!!
    Salamiguy-get "SISTER" IMMEDIATELY!!!
    Jayloumurph-yo entendido pequeno, will you translate for me?



    Hey Kuticus7:
    I just Bought Sister!



    its fucking good.. dont you think??

    i wish i could hear that album for the first time again


    K7 Rides Again

    damn straight it’s good! [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img]
    hey jasper, love that quote. I like sebadoh but not nearly as much as dino. I don’t think they’re nearly as good. lou’s words seem to be very direct/to the point whereas dino’s seem to be very elusive and highly descriptive. I believe many of J lines are cloudy, murky,(universal?) or whatever you want to say and can therefore be interpreted in many ways. EX. "it’s a two ton wait that’s strapped around my chest" is so much better then "it’s something bothering me". it’s just better writing! I feel like lou just kinda of "tells" while J actually "shows". We were all taught that "tell vs. showing rule" in writing classes right? just my opinion [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img] sorry if this idea changes the direction of the thread [img]images/smiles/converted/wink.gif[/img]


    humble joe

    I only have two Sonic youth albums- Sister and Daydream Nation. Sister is easily my favourite, I think it is far more direct and the songs are fantastic: ‘Cotton Crown’, ‘Tuff Knarl’, ‘Schizophrenia’. Yes!

    I was wondering- did the original release have that interview with Cubby inside it? If I like Sister so much, where is the next best place to go?


    Bucky Ramone

    Nige wrote:


    If I like Sister so much, where is the next best place to go?

    Well, you could check ‘Dirty’ or ‘Washing Machine’….

    Well, from the period that ‘Sister’ was released there are some albums I still play a lot, and they might be worth checking out as well, here are a couple of them:

    Swans – Children of God
    fIREHOSE – if’n
    The The – Mindbomb



    I said before my fav SY album is Daydream Nation,but I think Evol is maybe even better,it`s got such a spooky vibe to it.



    <BLOCKQUOTE><font>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by no
    <STRONG>Am I the only one who liked the last Sonic Youth album??
    I don’t think it was that bad, and I specially liked NEVERMIND, RENEGADE PRINCESS and NYC GHOSTS AND FLOWERS.

    Maybe it wasn’t as good as A THOUSAND LEAVES, but you got to admit that it’s the perfect soundtrack for the worst and darkest nightmare.


    I really like NYC ghosts and flowers too. Sure, it’s not intense in the same rollercoaster kinda way as Daydream Nation, but there’s sorta a loose intensity to it that I dig. All tunes are good in my opinion, but I’d have to say that my least fav ones are the ones Kim sings on (sorry Kim!), namely Nevermind (what was it anyway) and Side2side. They just dun do much for me in comparison to earlier stuff of hers.

    Anyways, the ending of Lee’s nyc ghost & flowers is just a muthafuckin orgasm of groaning noise, and when Thurston reads the last lines of Small flowers crack concrete, including "plastic saxophones bleat, bleed for nothing, nada", he’s just too kool to be of this world. Call it poetry if u want, but I love it.

    Oh, and it’s true, they had a whole friggin truck of guitar gear stolen b4 recording the album, said in an interview that they had to start over sorta like a new band, which they felt was both a blessing and a curse.

    Cheers, Max



    My Top 3:

    1: Experimental Jet Set, Trash & No Star
    2: A Thousand Leaves
    3: Goo



    I like NYC Ghosts And Flowers too,especially the title tune by Lee.



    Thought I`d pull this up since we`re ranking albums.



    1. thousand leaves minus the kim songs with the exception of "the ineffable me" which was written by thurston
    2. goo
    3. sister
    4. daydream nation
    5. dirty
    6. experimental jet set
    7. evol
    8. bad moon rising
    9. new york city g and f
    10. washing machine
    11. sonic youth
    12. confusion is next

    sonic youth have not made an album which i think is good from start to finish, although they come close with daydream nation and goo. There is always something that is too anonying, experimental, or otherwiser unlistenable for my simple minded pop tastes.

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