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    I need some new tunes and I think I heard 3 last year – Help me people……!
    One small caveat(tough) but no Dino releated projects! My game 🙂

    **Also I’m cheating a bit as I didn’t know Far had released a studio album in 2010 and I only found out via a Jonah Matranga tweet about items he was selling, So I did not listen to any new albums apart from dino stuff………So I will have to go with something classic.

    1- Single – Johnny Flynn – Lady is Risen 2012 (new)

    2 – Far – Really Here Water & Solutions 1998 (rediscovered – top 5 album!!)



    I Bet On Sky was the only 2012 album I bought.Maybe this year I`ll hear more new stuff

    That Far stuff sounds good! reminds me of Hum



    Tame Impala had the album of the year.



    i bet on sky was the only one i bought as well.

    looking forward to this years releases – my bloody valentine, mudhoney, alice in chains new albums.



    Best non-Dino albums I bought in 2012:

    Neil Young–Psychedelic Pill
    Lee Ranaldo–Between the Times and the Tides
    MV & EE–Space Homestead
    Bird By Snow–Offering
    Bob Dylan–Tempest

    ed. I forgot to mention a single, maybe not the best, but it got me on an Everly Brothers kick; stoked to hear the rest of their covers:

    Bonnie Prince Billy and Dawn McCarthy–Christmas Eve Can Kill You


    They sing great together, the recording is pure, and Lara’s video is sweet; she’s a master of the Peter Weir sun and leaf shimmer, among other things.

    Also, for those who’ve not listened yet, the first song on Psychedelic Pill is 27+ minutes long. Woohoo! My people.



    Thanks guys I’ll check some of that stuff……

    Thanks for ‘Hum’ it’s like a bridge between Far and Deftones maybe!?
    So my kind of thing ! love it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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