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    This is pretty awesome!!!
    But do we really have to trawl the net looking for this stuff? – I might as well update Dino jr website…! :D

    Anyways another find……(Unless already posted? Couldn’t see it…)

    http://www.amazon.com/Best-Dinosaur-Gui … 643&sr=8-1


    Just found the link in the guitar room – But its a new release, So it can go here to.




    Yeah, saw that one on eBay some weeks ago.
    If someone buys it let us know if its good and worth buying.




    I got it, it’s bad


    Yeah Right

    haha, oh well :|

    Maybe it’ll be the first of many



    What makes it bad?



    The book seems to have been written by a very talented guitar expert but if you look at the tabs on this forum you know that alicemugasomething has spent a lot of times watching videos and using amazing slow downer software!

    It’s just my opinion but I think the tabs in this book sound good but there not as acurate as the ones here….

    it’s guitar expert vs die hard fan :D

    but I look forward to have someone else opinion.

    PS sorry for my english



    I just got mine (and for folks in the UK I got it brand new off amazon for £12.)

    My thoughts….

    I’m not the best player, But I think this book really helps (someone like )me as its broken down into really good detail…..Also has a guitar notation legend (I’m sure most do!?) at the back that explains all the tab.
    Plus lryics/Chords and the original music notation on a staff.

    So I think if your a good player already then you probably just need the basic tab off line and you can work out the rest yourself…However if your at a lower level like me I think this is a good investment….Plus its purple and shiny…..

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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