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    Cool :D



    Very Nice, thanks, FC and Leah, I think jm5 is cool, J is way into green jackets, very interesting color :P :?: :idea:

    I am going to edit and say I have found it interesting to see J wearing a jacket while playing, (past few photos) If you look at the intensity in which he is playing, look at Lou’s shirt, you can imagine that his body is putting out a lot of heat. Sometimes I wonder about that…………I have a theory but it is a bit off the wall.


    "Flying Cloud" wrote:
    Leah was so kind to share some very cool pics of the Berlin show, which bring back good memories :)🙂
    I uploaded them to a free hosting site, to make them available for everyone:

    pics of the Berlin show

    isn’t the pic with J kneeling with his guitar an instant classic?!
    many thanks go to Leah for sharing those pics! :D
    too bad the pics from London down from the gallery didn’t come out good.

    Definitely very cool pics, thanks to both Leah & FC for making them available!

    The J kneeling pic makes a great desktop image…:mrgreen:


    "Annastefka" wrote:
    I think jm5 is cool, J is way into green jackets, very interesting color :P :?: :idea:

    do you think he has some deal with adidas?
    i mean, the shoes, the jacket, like a walking billboard.



    :lol: , No sometimes I just think J is mildly autistic, I only say that from the sweetness of having an mildly autistic son. Having weighted clothes on helps them to be "grounded" and feel safe, and just the way he talks sometimes, my son hates making or answering small talk, like when an adult "fills" in conversation by asking "How do you like your teacher this year?" He seems sure they don’t care much about his relationship with his teacher but are only being polite. Then he freezes up because his brain is trying to decide if there is an ulterior motive behind the question. Although when he has a subject that he is passionate about, or when in the company of good friends or family, he loves to field questions. I had never put this together until I saw the jacket on stage in the summer which is classic autism but in this case perhaps he has just been feeling cold. :lol:

    :idea: :?: How much to you think Adidas would pay someone for something like that? Thats an angle I hadn’t thought of! :idea: :?: (just kidding)



    haha i dont think adidas would give a shit if J wore their shit or not haha

    great pics by the way, some great lou shots. love the one of j bending down while he plays, ill bet thats during the lead riff at the beginning of sludgefeast



    Hey, nice pics! :D Danke Schön Leah und FC! I could use some of those as a wallpaper. I think there are some pictures on my oldschool "pocket"-camera. I’ll scan them if I’ll get a chance.



    …3 more pics found their way from Leah into the Berlin pics gallery, the 1st 3 pics in there are new, and I can tell it’s worth to check the link again :D

    pics of the Berlin show

    particularly I think pic 1 is exceptional :)
    the J pics show how dynamic and full of tension J’s guitar play is on this tour.

    Annastefka, you could suggest your son to grow his hair to hide behind when required…[isn’t it, that any "diagnosis" from a distance is extremely hard to prove? :P]

    Aatos, have you seen that Dinosaur Jr will play in Helsinki ?!!?! yay for you!!!
    check http://www.dinosaurjr.com



    cool pics … lots of movement + v.atmospheric too 8) :D

    annastefka, j does have autism in the family, so you may have a point …

    is autism related to depression in any way?



    Most of my ideas have the substance of a dandelion seed.

    Yes, perhaps when he is older he can grow it out, ( I just don’t want another head in the morning to deal with)

    I don’t think autism and depression are related, but I think it can be depressing being mis-understood and different, My son can be supersensitive about bugs stuck in spiderwebs but sort of ambivalent when it comes to human death (my Mother).

    Of course the web is full of information about autism, and many kids go back and forth between being overdressed to not earing any clothes. Hats are always a hit. This are some well known facts from different sources.

    Judgment issues (ie. Wearing wrong clothes for the season)

    Some have difficulty determining where their body stops and something else begins

    Unable to perceive what others are thinking

    Difficulty with language production

    Unable to process rapid speech

    Difficulty with conversation

    Invasion of personal space (hotel rooms and vans with original band members, for instance he,he)

    Especially in crowded supermarkets and busy department stores, it can become difficult for a child with an ASD to be in an environment with so many people.

    Children with proprioceptive/kinesthetic difficulties (autism spectrum) may hug very tightly, jump and walk heavily and may seek comfort by putting on heavy,warm clothing.

    How To Choose a clothing for the Child with Autism. Keep in mind that many children on the autism spectrum have fixations with clothes, for example shoes and tee-shirts, often wearing the same ones over and over.
    :shock: , :lol:

    I actually doubt J is autistic but one has to agree that he is interesting.




    Autism versus just likes to wear light jackets…think he’s just choosing jackets :P

    Great pics :!:



    Great pics indeed!

    FC: And that Helsinki gig… In America I would express my feelings by saying "AWESOME"!! :D



    what great pictures! J actually looks enthusiastic! :o when i saw him a few years ago, he barely moved.

    As far as autism is concerned,who knows? I remember reading a review he wrote of a Mudhoney concert a while back and it was hilarious and very descriptive. not very autistic, in other words. but then again, people write differently than they talk most of the time. the jacket does seem autistic, however. i used to go to school with an autistic person who wore a green UMBRO jacket EVERYDAY for two years. I don’t remember much else about him except that he could whittle pencils into really detailed figures and add like crazy in his head.
    anyway, i’m definately looking foward to see J and his jacket on the 10th!

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