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    this is from an online translation deal so… :wink:


    A Karamell from noise

    Fear, roaring boredom, music become assistance cry: Dinosaur Jr., the genuine Dinosaur Jr., were in Berlin. They were like that according to like in former times, so brachial as in former times and as sugar sweet as in former times. All were lucky. Also the volume
    One cannot believe it yet at all so quite: Dinosaur Jr., the genuine, true and only Dinosaur Jr., it shows it. They are on comeback route and this evening in the post office station in Berlin. Confusion, strange feelings. Will they still bring it after all the years? With zittrigen hands one kramt "You’re living all over ME" from 1987 from the shelf, those, oh, says we it nevertheless, how it is: best guitar skirt plate of all times. One presents it, and immediately is again everything there: the fear, the roaring boredom, this music become assistance cry. One must turn louder, it goes not differently, because directly comes again one of the gale-like guitars, which away-carry one and euphorisieren like fresh love.

    Nevertheless: Will they still bring it after all the years? The history of Dinosaur Jr. is finally complicated and sad and actually makes little hope for a successful comeback. The volume brought it in its original occupation straight times on three common plates. Then, end of the eighties was, conclusion. J Mascis and Lou Barlow, which had themselves both heads that volume, hopelessly zerstritten, talked, then it was called, for many years no word with one another. Then Barlow stepped out. It created Sebadoh, became again a star of the Indieszene, Mascis fired however again and again in words and Songs against its old buddy. That made only times far with Dinosaur Jr., but Grunge became the mass movement, and Dinosaur Jr. Epigonen became rich and famous. J. Mascis mutated slowly to the too early aged Kauz, which could not say a reasonable sentence in interviews more. But now reconciliation, which Happyend of a soap opera, even if there were rumors, which meant, Barlow and Mascis would play again with one another, would not talk with one another however yet. In addition, that is all the same. Two senselessly Zerstrittene stand again together on the stage – that is nevertheless beautiful. One had to become furious again on the two, as it then loose-went nevertheless with the concert. Because, they brought it still, why thus they could themselves zusammenraufen not already in former times?

    Dinosaur Jr. were incomprehensibly good. The time seemed stands to have remained, and they tied directly, where they had stopped before 15 years. J. Mascis looks today like a Schamane with its long hair and the pale baby face. Lou Barlow against it works with its Wuschelkopf and the eyeglasses still like a student. But it fit, everything fit. They were like that according to as in former times, as brachial and at the same time sugar sweet as in former times. Mascis did not herunterkam from its feedback and Wah Wah pedals, and the whole lovely noise, these karamellisierten guitar walls, the typical and to today unique Dinosaur Jr. sound remained in this consequence, it pressed itself us against and took to us air. The volume did not know that it did not have to lose anything, it wanted prisoners to make, gave everything, exactly the same, as we had dreamed of it us. All were lucky, also the volume.

    Lou Barlow, a legendarily badly gelaunter type, always meckrig, never contently, was almost loose, made launige announcements and seemed in the pieces of roaring the grind of the last years to out-roar. In J. Mascis ‘ face was not to be read off anything. But if we correctly interpret its disinhibited Fuzzgitarren, which against-strained itself the sieved sky, was at this evening with itself and the world in the pure one.



    cool find, when I’ve got a little more time, I’ll sort the automatic translation a bit :)

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