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    Does anyone know anything about this cd "Ben Eberbaugh: A Rockin’ Tribute" I happen to see it on ebay and it says that it has J Mascis & the Fog on it. From what I could find it was self released and not put out by a label, but I’m interested to see what J did for it.

    Here are a few links I found about it but I couldn’t find a tracklist anywhere.

    http://atlanta.creativeloafing.com/2003 … ecrev.html


    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi … 53541&rd=1

    Does anyone have any additional information?


    Bucky Ramone

    DSH005:Ben Eberbaugh:Rockin’ Tribute.
    Track List:
    1: Black Lips-Throw It Away
    2: Breakheart Beat-Black Lip
    3: Jet By Day-Let You Down
    4: Tilly And The Wall-Nights of the Living Dead
    5: Tabitha-Mexico
    6: The Carbonas-She’s A Heater
    7: The Reruns-Dasterdly
    8: 17 Years-Goddamnit
    9: Jiha Lee & Nick White-A Mess in a Borrowed Dress
    10: Bradford Cox-Miracles of Youth
    11: Kiwis of the South Pacific-All My Life
    12: Black Kites-Dial 1 for Everything
    13: Some Soviet Station-Stand All In The Sands Of Dying
    14: Rump Posse-Sports
    15: The Blastoffs-Blastoffs 1-2-3-4
    16: F.A.F-No Rules
    17: The Lids-Too Late
    18: Robins-Put The Pizza In The Woods
    19: El Caminos-Outta Time
    20: Coyote Bones-39 Forever
    21: J Mascis & The Fog-See It As Always

    from dieslaughterhausrecords.com



    see it as always was the 3rd track on the waistin’ single … do you think that’s the same version ?



    cool find, I’ve never heard of this tribute record before!



    They call J’s track a demo, but who knows? Apparently a free CD given away at a tribute show.

    from Two Sheds Music:

    "In related news: Jet by Day lead macho man David Matysiak has been furiously working on a tribute record to the late Black Lips guitarist Ben Eberbaugh. So far, he has had no trouble securing tracks from Breakheart Beat, Rump Posse, The Carbonas, The Lids and The El Caminos. Of particular interest is a track by Some Soviet Station (listen up, you Paper Lions fanaticos!) which is apparently the last unreleased track by the band. There’s also a demo track from(!) J Mascis & The Fog. This record will be distributed for free at a tribute show to Eberbaugh which is as yet unscheduled."





    hmmm … v.interesting stuff … anyone around here got a copy ??

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