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    J Interview Radio/Webcast
    Sunday, September 22nd
    9.30am GMT
    BBC 6 Music
    J Mascis will be choosing his ‘life in CD’ and will be interviewed by Tracey Macleod for the Sunday morning show.
    Fans can log onto bbc.co.uk/6music to listed to the interview online live on Sunday.

    BBC6 J Mascis page

    Thanks to Emma Hatcher from the BBC for the tip!



    Looking forward to that, thankfully its on after a certain team plays… <img>

    J was hilarious in that interview from Holland, guy asked him if when he wrote songs he considered them as influencing social change in his audience *or something like that* J laughed and said he didn’t think about that…too cool. Hope we get some good stories, no doubt the life in CD deal will be a thrill <img>

    OMG, thats 0930 am, thats 0330 where I am…I think, hmmm might have to take a sick nite from work…sounds like a plan <img>

    Allison <img>

    <small>[ 09-19-2002, 10:39 PM: Message edited by: Valentine Frankenstein ]</small>



    Hey Allison,
    You say that’s 0330 where you are. What time zone are you in in reference to the states? I’d love to hear the interview, and will be really pissed if I miss it by an hour! Thanks.




    Hey DJM,

    Hopefully the times listed above are correct, don’t want you to miss a thing <img>

    Any London/UK fans out there to confirm the time…hint hint <img>




    5:30 am where I`m at,I won`t be up <img> so I`ll depend on y`all to tell me what J said <img>



    awww, this means that I have to get up early on Sunday (is 10:30 a.m. early?)
    thanks for the info, Jeremiah, really looking forward to it <img>
    hey sludge, thanks for the time zone link, I wasn’t sure about the time difference from here to London due to all those daylight saving alterations <img>



    Can somebody record this interview possibly and post it on the website. It’s my friend’s birthday and there is no way that I’ll be able to listen to the interview in that drunken state. Well, if I knew how, I’d do it, but I don’t…hint, hint!



    rambleon mentioned it recently, and I checked the BBC 6 website for it:
    It’s true, you can still listen to the charming BBC 6 interview ("My life in CD") <img>
    Much better than the ‘transcription’ I made, then … <img>

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