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    Finally this interviews been posted, sounds like J’s ready…:mrgreen:

    BBC.co.uk J audio/realplayer interview link

    Walking the Dinosaur

    Rock legends Dinosaur Jr are getting back together for Download 2005. We’ve been chatting to J Mascis…well chatting’s a bit of an overstatement!

    It’s 20 years since Dinosaur Jr first roamed the earth. Their lifespan was short but miraculously they’ve been brought back to life.

    The group will play this year’s Download festival at Castle Donington on June 10th 2005.

    Their appearance could be interesting. The trio aren’t exactly the best of mates. J Mascis hasn’t played with Lou Barlow for 15 years.

    We’ve been having a few words with J, actually we didn’t get many more than that – maybe he was tired!

    During the interview J Mascis tells Nigel Bell:-

    Why Dinosaur Jr are getting back together
    He’s still not getting on with Lou
    Don’t expect any new material
    Don’t expect the reunion to remain permanent
    Why they split up in the first place



    [Paraphrase]Interviewer: "Are you into pyrotechnics, that sort of thing?’

    J: "Yeah, sure." :lol:



    J:"Maybe Iron Maiden has some old Eddies we could borrow" :lol:



    Wonder where they’ll be rehearsing in Amsterdam prior to the London shows.

    Think the BBC guy totally missed J making that joke about the
    eddies from Iron Maiden… :shock:



    That went over my head also, I was still thinking pyro, I actually took a tour of a Premier Pyrotechnics facility in Alabama several years ago, I was scratching my head "which indoor type pyro is called an eddie?" after coming here today, I fished around on the internet, omg, that is so funny. Now I know what an eddie is! That did go right over my head. My fav part is J’s "I’m ready"
    Is this him?



    I think that’s "Somewhere in Time" Eddie. My vote is for the classic "Killers" Eddie. I can’t figure out how to post the image so just go pull out your "Killers" album and check it out.



    eddie is the best.. the one with the flame breathing frankenstein eddie….. that walks around on stage would be bitchin’ …


    my name is lisa

    I like the giant Eddie head that opens up and has the glowing brain inside.



    hey, thanks for that ‘eagle-eye’ allison :D

    wonder if they had to edit out any of j’s trademark pauses + long silences ? :wink: :D

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