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    severed lips

    Caught the show at fletchers in baltimore last nite. WOW. amazing. j and mike just keep getting better and better together. got there at 11:00 just as they were about to go on. loud ass "TV sound" on the PA. getting on everyones nerves. Finally, out comes mike watt, then george, then j. worked my way up front. tight ass scene–way crowded, such a small place. opened with SEVERED LIPS. very nice. a pretty fun little mosh pit formed after a few songs. even a little crowd surfing and stage diving! ive seen j like 6-7 times, and this was the most active crowd (moshing/dancing wise). way to go baltimore (my hometown, thank you!) i’m sure some people weren’t into it (hello eric), but those that were into it had a blast. here’s the other songs played that i remember: (sorry, don’t know the names of all the new stuff, or the mike watt stuff).

    (new song)
    Same Day
    (new songs, back before yo go, all the girls, etc.?)
    Budge–oh yeah!
    Ammaring–fuckin killer version, long and "spacey"

    just like heaven
    (mike watt song, stooges cover maybe??)

    Sorry that’s such a crappy set list. It’s from memory, and I was a little buzzed then (and now!). I know there’s songs missing. The afforementioned eric has mike watt’s set list, if he would be so kind as to post it!
    Final analysis: great show; thankfully, not as loud as the other shows i saw this tour (dc and philly a few months ago); and I wish they would’ve played longer (seemed like a short show).

    Rock on!

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