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    a Spanish guy whom I know from soulseek, told me repeatedly to come to Spain to the Azkena Festival from September 9 to 12, the city where it happens is Vitoria/Gasteiz in the North of Spain.

    …and looking on the schedule, it’s seductive to really go… :shock: :D :?

    concerning my doubts about festivals in general, he said that at the Azkena Festival, they have at least only one stage, so there won’t be 2 or more bands rocking against each other, and that there would be a nice hotel nearby to stay. I’d prefer that much more, compared with camping, really! And the weather in Spain could be nice in September…

    hmmmm … have to sleep that over!



    See what you mean about that schedule, wicked lineup to say the least!

    With you on the camping thing, hotels are the way to go!

    Hope you get a great sleep & book that ticket/hotel room soon :wink: :aliensmile:



    yeah *sigh*

    …not only 16 Horsepower play, but also David Eugene Edwards solo :shock: :!:

    …and all these legends, everyone should have seen "before they keel over" (to quote J :P) …MC5, Radio Birdman, Violent Femmes (didn’t even know, they do shows again :shock: )

    …and many of the other bands there should be cool & interesting to see.

    I’m really playing with the thought, but haven’t decided yet. I mean, I don’t think I’d go without knowing anyone there, and I don’t know the guy from spain well. I really hope to motivate the one or other to start to think of joining me… :? :idea: :mrgreen:



    i hope you do go b/c it sounds great … :D



    the festival has been on this w/e …but I decided not to go. or better, the decision sorted itself, as I was about 50:50 if I go or not, and then I kinda missed the deadline for booking, and that was it. when I realized that, I wasn’t too unhappy, so it looks like I can live with it.
    I mean, I’m sure it was great there, and all these cool bands etc, but festivals turn me off in a big way, so it looks like I just couldn’t really relate enough to it.

    and, like I’ve heard on Friday, 16Horsepower/ David Eugene Edwards didn’t play anyway, because of an injury of a band member. Hope it’s nothing too serious!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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