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    admittedly, it’s short, but nevertheless there are some strange words, phrases & expressions in it, which I’ve never heard before :?: :? :P
    … but as far as I understood it, it’s a nice review :mrgreen: :D

    ok, the link isn’t perfect, I guess they moved the review, but hey – here it is:

    :: J MASCIS + THE FOG ::
    (Dew Process / Universal)

    One of rock’s great enigmas, it’s nigh on impossible to work our J Mascis. Just like his former vehicle Dinosaur Jr, you’re often left wondering how anyone so adenoidal [:?: FC] can sound so inviting.
    Perhaps his secret lies in a non-linear approach, a knack for blending off-kilter yet forceful melodies and guitar lines in arrangements that veer like hairpin turns. Whatever the case, he works his hoodoo on Free So Free.

    Lightning-fast chops propel opener ‘Freedom’, before the subdued start of ‘If That’s How It’s Gotta Be’ exposes his euphonic ear.
    ‘Say The Word’ and ‘Bobbin’ sport wild and woolly [:aliensmile: FC] guitar solos, as does title track ‘Free So Free’ – including flamenco influences – which also seduces via its double-tracked, offset vocal harmony. ‘Someone Said’ boasts simple acoustic guitar and Mascis’ oddly melodic croak under a wash of muffled chords, while the fuzz and thump of Dinosaur Jr lives in ‘Set Us Free’, sounding like a long-lost track from Green Mind.
    A definite grower, Free So Free stands alongside his best material to date.

    – Matt Connors


    expect nothing

    thanks for the link FC, :D
    I loove … "sport wild and woolly [ FC] guitar solos"
    and im not 100% sure what it means but it sounds good …
    "Whatever the case, he works his hoodoo on Free So Free."

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