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    Got this off of I-94bar.com

    Fingers crossed Oz gets a show or two to celebrate the reissues :!:


    It’s hard to believe, but it was 20 years ago when Dinosaur first roamed the back roads and byways of central Massachusetts. J Mascis, Lou Barlow and Murph formed their band in 1984 in the sleepy college town of Amherst, MA, and went on to change the face of rock forever…whether they actually ever intended to or not. The influence that Dinosaur Jr. has had on their peers and future generations of musicians/bands is immeasurable. Now, 20 years since the release of their self-titled debut that left folks scratching their heads (yet at the same time hungry for more). Australian label Shiny is honoured to bring these three classic CDs back into print after years of scattered availability and $40+ price tags on Ebay and Amazon. All three CDs have been remastered and will be reissued with original cover artwork, but the new booklets will contain never-before seen images that are sure to electrify long-time fans. Bonus materials include a rare live track – "Does It Float" – which captures the power and sheer chaos of early Dinosaur shows, as well as videos for classic tracks "Little Fury Things", "Just Like Heaven", "Freak Scene" and a recently-discovered, never before seen video for "No Bones". Also included are extensive new liner notes for all three albums compiled by music writer/gadfly Byron Coley featuring interviews/commentary from Thurston Moore, Mike Watt and Robert Pollard. Acclaimed filmmaker Allison Anders also contributed liner notes for "Bug". They’re due out in May.



    good news for australians …

    maybe they’ll swing by before/after they play japan …



    That’s what I have been hoping. Having Australian distribution makes it more likely they could play some shows here but still I don’t know. Fingers crossed.



    We need a tour!!! Ive seen every Dinosaur, fog, J solo show or line-up here in Syd since 95′. Gimme more!

    Im not buying yr dam re-issues until you tour Oz!!!!



    ooh ! is that a threat or a promise ? :wink: :D

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