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    When is J. Mascis and/or the Fog going to tour Australia again?

    The usual unrelaibale sources were saying October 2002.

    I’d appreciate some tour early warning so as to preapre my ears (by rinsing off the formaldehyde and having them sewn back on) and anchoring my psyche in the right universe and time stream.




    So you are from Australia and you need to have your ears sewn back on. hmm. don’t tell me. you’re Mark Chopper Reid – aka Uncle Chop-Chop!

    I love your work.



    Deepsludge – preparation is eveything: sounds very zen untill you start thinking about pasta primavera. I’m positive that this phrase occurs in at least 2 cooking books I have read. Cooking in a Bedsit for example – a very cool cook book that has receipies for how to heat a can of soup, and how to boil water.

    Following the stream (of consciousness) thingy leads me to the earwax. My only question is: Mine or someone elses?

    In the meantime I’ll sign up for the list.

    Javro – Chopper only had a portion of his ears cut off as a ruse to into the prison infirmary. Is that J & silent bob you quoting?

    I haven’t read anything by Chopper so am unable to comment on his literary merit. He appeared in a commercial for somthing or other – perhaps a brand of pistol for all I know – which underlines the essentially commecial nature of his outlook on existence. Not very zen and not much of a receipie for chicken soup if you ask me.




    Not someone elses wax… <img>

    Good to hear you’re signing up for the newsletter, usually put out once a month with special updates when thrilling info is released.

    About those ears, sew them back on & leave the ear plugs at home <img> Sounds like your psyche is in the right universe and time/space zone <img>

    Allison <img>



    Alli-son Where did you get all tyhose cutoid winking, squirming, grimmacing faces? There’s a kind of runic message in them there faces and maybe what they are relling me is the date and time I’ll be seeing J down here or maybe I’m just imaginatively overactive.

    zooooooooooom and faster



    Oh No <img> Someone figured out my code <img>

    I don’t use the quick reply feature, if you edit your profile you can turn off quick reply and get the reply option that gives you different message icons and instant graemlins… <img>




    I keep forgeting to look here. I’ll send myself a message.

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