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    I purchased my ticket today at ticketfly.com.
    None of my friends have any money to go, but I’ll be looking forward to it.
    If anyone can reccomend a free hotel I’d be much appreciated since it’s barely in my budget. I should be ok as long as there’s no dancing. First time I was glad it was an acoustic album, well second. I’m on Will Call and hoping there’s no confusion, just asmy computer is not working correctly it was hard to get this ticket after Tropico 4. If I do meet anyone at the show we are not actors.



    Alright. I guess I should plan my questions.

    I’ll be the .257 lb guy walking around in some purple t-shirt. Annastefka will you be there?

    Check this out. the third dimension of the t-shirt making it a dinosaur is not finished? neat…I can draw a turkey, cow, dog.. trouble is thy always ending looking like thy don’t know when and where to stop. You know I can’t get
    any dirt on this shirt, ever??

    What should I go with? Who should I get to drive me?

    Forget The Swan questions.. bologna bending on a heating vent in a laundry room? They always come in twos but, I wish j’d play this song in his set.



    Was our band name framed on you? Was you lyrics framed on you? Did you have someone else write the first Tracks for you?

    —- Hey. Jeremiah can I test th site ith this. Horribly set it as my homepage?

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    Lou has said, “I don’t really want to meet you”.
    Does this apply to J Mascis and The kerbdogma?

    On The album Free So Free, what did Kurticuz7 get for saying the track name
    of “If that’s how it’s gotta be” before the song was written?

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