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    At The Shore Review Of More Light


    "More Light"
    J. Mascis and the Fog

    Diehard Dinosaur Jr. fans will undoubtedly enjoy this debut release from J Mascis & The Fog. However, since Dinosaur in its heyday was basically a Mascis solo endeavor to begin with, don’t expect a radical departure from form. Aside from a few guest backup vocals by Guided by Voices’ Robert Pollard, the writing and instrumentation are completely handled by Mascis.

    From the opening bars of "Sameday," it’s obvious that Mascis hasn’t taken his time off experimenting with new musical styles. This unoriginal tune sounds like a somewhat slowed down (and inferior) cover of "The Wagon," the opening number from 1991’s "Green Mind."

    The rest of the album follows suit; it sounds more like a Dinosaur Jr. cover band breaking in some original material than the man himself. It’s obvious that Mascis can write catchy, distortion-laden pop tunes, but sadly he keeps writing the same one over and over again.

    This isn’t a bad disc, but unfortunately it isn’t a very good one. There are some moments of pop bliss, such as the grooving "Back Before You Go" and the midtempo "Where’d You Go," both worthy contenders to sit on a J Mascis greatest hits compilation. Fans of later period Dinosaur Jr will undoubtedly enjoy this disc, if their musical tastes haven’t changed much since 1992. It’s readily apparent that Mascis’ haven’t.

    ("More Light" is available in stores.)

    – Scott Semet

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    Hey Spaceboy,

    You are definitely the king of reviews….Jack Skellington would be proud!!
    More Light…hopeless and lethargic…what is up with that from the muse review…not the case at all. Sameday unoriginal…man o man alive they must be listening to something else…their small little brains have apparently stopped functioning. Oh well, always look forward to checking out what you post…very cool stuff!!


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