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    ahhhh!! There I was on Friday casually browsing the City Slang site and realised what date it was…jeez this year is goin’ fast…I’d forgot about the gig..luckily due to bad promo it wasn’t sold out…so I’ll be there tonight…might even take the SLR…last December I fucked up ‘cos I drove to London via Gatwick from manchester…very tired and extremely innebriated I ended up falling in an unconscious state which my friends could not wake me from and hence missed the entire Mascis gig and spending 200 quid in the process. Be it that the gig tonight is metres away from where I work this should not happen (I hope). I might add that I was gutted by missing the gig last time ‘cos I just never thought I’d see that line up of Mascis, Watt again (watt is godlike to me). Anyway not only do I get a second chance tonight, it’s a smaller venue and Ron Asheton’s playin’ too. Superb!!


    John Dyson

    Wouldn’t mind knowing what stuff they play. Saw tour in Sheffield on saturday night but before the Stooges guy joined.

    There’s a set list on the tour bit of this site put on by someone who saw the Leeds show. Wonder if it’ll be much different…



    roughly in some particular order last night’s set list (forgot a few though):

    Let it Ride
    Little Fury Things
    The Wagon
    Back Before you Go
    John Peel Session Medley (included Everything Flows by Teenage Fanclub and maybe a Pavement track and something that sounded a bit Cheap Trick ???) ….it was at this point some stoopid girl through a can at Mike Watt (missed) and I began to get angry and missed a bit of the gig debating whether to offer some opinions to her.
    (at this point Ron Asheton cameon at it was Stooges a go go)
    Real Cool Time
    TV Eye
    I want Something (is that what it’s called?)
    one I can’t remember name of.
    I Wanna be Yr Dog
    think another one
    finally Freak Scene (w/Ron Asheton too!!)

    mosh pit frenzy ensued (not me I was photographing)

    fucking mental
    Mike watt is truly the master of rock bass and posture.




    oh, great! they really do Let It Ride?! It has always been one of my real Dino favourites. Actually it was the song, that made me buy BUG after I heard it on the radio in about ’87…. I’m really looking forward to the show I will go to [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img]



    I’m pretty gutted – i had guest list for the manchester show but couldn’t make it all the way from cardiff in time… it was all a bit last minute…
    i’ve gotta say i’m torn though – it’s great that Asheton is there but i’d much rather see a set list swaying more heavily towards dino / fog tunes…. still REALLY peed off at missing the show though… see, torn [img]images/smiles/converted/mad.gif[/img]

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