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    don’t know if this has already been posted, but if not, you REALLY wanna get your tickets fast!

    City Slang PR:

    Asheton. Asheton, J Mascis & Watt

    Asheton. Asheton, J Mascis & Watt finally make it to the UK

    Although we are far from directly involved, CITY SLANG & LABELS are proud to announce that J MASCIS will be performing with THE ASHETON BROTHERS and MIKE WATT at London’s Mean Fiddler on Sunday 8 December as part of ASHETON, ASHETON, J MASCIS & WATT.
    For those who do not fully understand the significance of this, allow us to talk you through it. RON AND SCOTT ASHETON were founder members of The Stooges, and their first two albums – with Iggy Pop, as you no doubt know – featured classics like No Fun, 1969, T.V. Eye, Loose, 1970 and of course the classic I Wanna Be Your Dog. J MASCIS, of course, has just released Freedom, his second album with The Fog, after setting the pace for a generation with Dinosaur Jr. MIKE WATT, meanwhile, is best known for his work with Minutemen, fireHose and most recently J MASCIS himself, in whose touring band he features.

    Together, these four will play songs from the first two Stooges albums, The Stooges & Funhouse, "folk music for our generation", as J calls it.

    You really, really don’t want to miss this!

    *It’s also worth noting that on the Hootpage Watt reckons they’re playing Brixton Academy the day before – 07/12/02 – this is a Primal Scream gig by my reckoning so it looks like they’re hooking up with Bobby again to wack a few more punters with their micstands <img>

    Tickets are £12.50. Bookings:
    Credit card hotline 020 7344 0044 (24hrs), Star Green 020 7734 8932.
    Also from http://www.meanfiddler.com & http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk & in person from Ticketmaster in selected Tower Records & Waitrose stores, plus usual agents all tickets subject to booking fee. Ticket without bkg fee for cash from Camden Ticketshop and Astoria Box Office.



    nice post ammaring, see ya there.


    fata morgana

    Um, does anyone have any free Air Mile points to lend me?… Maybe they’ll let me gimp on the plane at no charge…



    yeah !!! a double dose of j in london … in such a short space of time – we like it …

    thanks for the post ammaring … that’s a serious scoop …

    needless to say, already got my tix …


    Eight Ball Joe

    This is the best news ever!!! I was trying to swing a meeting in Amsterdam to see the Tilburg show, now I don’t have to. Thanks Ammaring.



    Looks like theres another Tribute To The Stooges show December 5th in France 8)CHECK HERE

    Allison :shock:


    Bucky Ramone

    Tribute to the Stooges (Asheton, Asheton, Mascis, Watt)

    thursday, december 5 at 10:30 pm
    at the trans musicales festival
    liberte bas
    esplanade du general de gaulle
    rennes, france

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