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    Found this on MP3.com. Sorry if it’s been posted but I don’t think I’ve seen it around hear yet.


    Dinosaur Jr. Focusing On Oldies On Tour

    By John Benson, Cleveland

    Sensing the climate was right for a reunion, the original members of Dinosaur Jr. are preparing for a summer tour. "We didn’t realize there was like a lot of interest," drummer Murph tells Billboard.com. "We had a lot of promoters and people wanting us to play. We got offers to play some pretty big festivals so we just figured it would be good for everybody to do it."

    The highly anticipated reunion came to fruition last month when the J Mascis-led band performed on CBS’ "Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" followed by a jam-packed gig at Hollywood’s Spaceland a day later.

    "It was like amazing," Murph says of finally returning to the stage with Mascis and original bassist/future Sebadoh leader Lou Barlow. "When we played on stage, it felt just like before. We did it for so long and we’re a pretty intense band, so you know we definitely did our homework and it paid off. It was like a perfect fit."

    The reunion is also timed around reissues of Dinosaur Jr.’s first three decidedly punk-based albums, 1985’s "Dinosaur," 1987’s "You’re Living All Over Me" and 1988’s "Bug." The Merge reissues are all remastered and feature original cover artwork, bonus videos and a live track.

    Dinosaur Jr. heads to Europe next week for a few festival shows before returning Stateside for a 14-date club tour that culminates with a performance at Lollapalooza July 24 in Chicago. An impressive list of support bands will appear throughout, including fellow indie rock icons Superchunk, Broken Social Scene, Radio 4, Love As Laughter, Cobra Verde, Bardo Pond and Barlow’s Sebadoh colleague Jason Loewenstein.

    As for the set list, Murph says the band is concentrating on material from its first three albums, despite the fact that Dinosaur Jr. released eight albums in total.

    "Yeah, it’s really not fair to Lou to start focusing on other stuff outside of that [early] era," Murph says. "That would create a little bit of weirdness. And we’ve got 30 or 40 some songs, so we have plenty of material to choose from."

    Fans are abuzz about the possibility that the trio will record new material, but Murph says, "We’re not that kind of a band. We don’t work that way. It’s just all about the reunion and just kind of reconnecting as people, as kindred souls. We’re not about putting [out] new product or anything like that at all."

    He adds, "If everything has gone really well and things are really happening, that’s when the pressure will come on. Then we’ll be getting that, ‘What are you guys going to do now?’ kind of thing. But that won’t happen until much later."



    it’s nice to read what murph has to say …



    Let’s just hope they get through the tour without killing each other before we think about a new recording.



    I dont really want a new recording…that would be just too weird.


    "lookitssam" wrote:
    I dont really want a new recording…that would be just too weird.

    Weird or not I’d be pretty happy if they stepped back into the recording studio together. I don’t think it’ll happen but think it would be cool if it did.


    my name is lisa

    I’d buy it :wink:

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