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    Bucky Ramone


    I just received a message on Soulseek from a pal about that… :shock: :cry: :(

    Shame, he didn’t even know he had leukemia, went to the hospital initially thinking it was pneumonia :cry:

    from pitchfork

    New York Dolls Bassist Arthur Kane Dead at 55
    Cory D. Byrom reports:
    Arthur "Killer" Kane, bassist for the monumentally influential and recently reformed 70s glam rock kings The New York Dolls, died of complications from leukemia Tuesday night after entering the hospital under the impression that he was suffering from pneumonia. The New York Dolls were recently coaxed out of retirement after a 26-year hiatus by Morrissey for last month’s Meltdown Festival in New York City. The band was also slated to perform in Japan next month, as well as at Little Steven’s International Underground Garage Festival in New York. Whether or not these shows will still take place remains to be seen, but Dolls frontman David Johansen is expected to make a statement on the future of the band within the next couple of days. The Dolls are also planning to release an album in September on Morrissey’s Attack label, although the specifics surrounding the album are unknown.

    Despite the short-lived nature of their career, The New York Dolls had an unimaginable influence on music as we know it. Many bands have cited the band as a direct influence, including such powerhouses as Kiss and The Ramones. Kane is the fourth member of the band to pass– original drummer Billy Murcia died from a drug and alcohol overdose during the band’s first European tour in 1971, and guitarist Johnny Thunders and drummer Jerry Nolan both died in 1991 of a heroin overdose and a stroke, respectively.



    :( :(



    what is it with all these rock star people getting cancer ??? i think we can thank IKe and our friends in the military for all the nice thermonuclear fireworks that have coloured our atmosphere and the wonderful mercury flavoring in our drinking water… and we spend our time as a country worrying about oil rich countries and sriving in big ass death trucks.. i think we are all going to hell… anyways the New York Dolls rule ! RIP Killer

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