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    hey im trying to pick out a new laptop and i cant fraking decide… whats yoiur alls take on the whole laptop.. apple or pc?? i-books are cheap right now but so are dells … i just want it for mp3’s and movies…. wi-fi and shit.. i am using a 166 mhz dell from 1995 right now .. so
    i am a little behind on the times.. thanks for advice freaksceners!



    PCs tend to be compatable with more software, since alot of people dont program things for Apple.

    Also with PCs you have more control over what components are in the PC, whereas Apples I think you just get what you get.



    The iBook comes w/ pretty cool stuff for mp3 and movies (iTunes & iMovie) and has built in wifi. what kind of shit do you do w/ your ‘puter?

    Just because more software is developed for the windows world doen’t make it better.




    I just picked up an ibook from the Goodwill outlet store in Charlotte for $60. SWEET.
    I agree with OSX – more does nto always mean better.



    i would never buy a dell.
    i’ve had my hands on many a dell laptop/workstation/desktop/server and they’re all junk.
    just my opinion, but they suck.

    i just bought an IBM thinkpad T23 off ebay. got it sitting right here with me. paid $400 for it.
    it ‘could’ run windows xp, but my choice of operating system is KANOTIX LINUX http://www.kanotix.com”>http://www.kanotix.com

    what’s up OSX? remember me from the FIlmore?



    I’m using an ibook g4. In my opinion it is better because it has many small advantages. It is for example much easier to handle than a pc and doesn’t bug. In fact this computer hasn’t crashed at all, which was quite a trouble with my old pc.
    If you are into playing computer games, do not buy an Apple.
    I don’t know how well imacs work for software programming etc, but for makin music it is great. I’ve also heard that it’s good for video editing.



    yeah i think i want an apple.. i write a lot.. i want to work on a movie script i have in mind and micorsoft word really blows ass… but i want to find a good p2p music service on apple.. i love soulseek.. popup free and no virusus yety.. whats the best apple osx psp ??? thanks for yr advice



    I got a alienware area51 laptop, This thing is so powerfull, it’s never crashed once, I’m really in love with it.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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