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    solo in Mass or if there is any chance the Fog might appear, please. That way I will know wether to go or not because I already have tickets for May 11.



    I will ask Dave, although I have asked J questions on two different occasions when he has been crawling around on his hands and knees on stage plugging in stuff, he has always been very nice and answered, I just hate to bug him. He has a whole group of guys (like 5 or 6) that just bug the fuck out of him everytime he comes down south.
    Like you Mr. Capricorn from South Carolina, I don’t think J is going to marry you or let you move in with him so can you just come tonight and behave yourself. Sorry Ammaringnyc, I had to get that out.

    I am sure show is MA will be SOLO, I read it in the Barlow article that Den Buck posted, I think! Can anyone else confirm this? I will still ask?



    Guys, I just wanted to follow that post up with, you know
    I don’t even think J is bothered as much as I think he is. I have trouble with this group of guys, I don’t think J does. Sorry! I suddenly got into a bad head space thinking of seeing them yet again. The truth is J can deal. There are a lot of us who have known each other by face for a while. A lot of us are nice people I I just have issues with loud, pushy people, one of them was so pushy and grabbing at J drunk, that J refused to autograph a 7 inch and then the guy offered (still yelling) to pay him $200 bucks, J just smiled and turned away.



    Hope that cetain someone who was yelling & being all pushy with J read about himself here, and has redesigned his approach . Understand getting over excited but… :wink:

    Everything I’ve seen says the show in Mass is solo, message from the Community Group thats hosting the show & the poster for the show. Hope someone can clarify that for you just in case. Guess the big issue in Mass is the chance for a couple songs with some old Dinosaur Jr members, from the sounds of it that won’t happen, but… :aliensmile:

    Good news, it sounds like lots of people will be getting audio/video of the Mass show to share with the rest of us who can’t make it, should be very cool :!:

    Enjoy the show



    Yes, I think that is why I posted that today. I know some of those fans read and post here. This is an example of one (below) offering an apology after sobbering up. I wish all y’all could be here.
    Yes and you are right I mean I understand getting over excited also, I worship J, but Ya’ know, you gotta have some manners, you got to hold it together.

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    Posted: Thu Jan 29, 2004 6:25 pm Post subject: oops

    In case J reads this forum I apologize for my rude question outside after the show in Athens. If *I* was not doing the same old shi… it wouldnt have happened. Thank you for the music you have given us.



    the show was one of the best shows i have ever seen. i cannot believe i got to listen to dinosaur jr. it was awesome. even better than the show with watt i saw back in 2000.



    thanks for the update, graggor, very much appreciated! :mrgreen:



    i bet j + all musicians are well-used to drunken fans getting overly excited + saying + doing some pretty silly stuff … like the woman at the metro (london) show who grabbed j’s head to give him a big slobbery kiss :o , but luckily j has height on his side, so he did a pretty good job of dodging a full-on slurp !!! :D … anyhow … like annatefka said, the main thing to remember is to "hold it together". :aliensmile:



    what was the song they played after sludgefeast?
    anyone know? i wish i had an actual setlist.

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