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    I’m not sure where I should post this. Anyway for there’s a new album out and this place has been pretty hush hush. I personally just ordered it and doug martsch’s solo album from cdnow.com (It’s gonna cost and extra 10 bucks because of the geeks at the border) so I’ll probably get it in about 3 weeks. What about you guys?



    Hey Bob,

    Couple reviews spread out in different spots on the board, here’s a thread that starts out with a track by track review of the disc, on the fourth page you can find a couple new reviews. Flying Cloud reviews the Japanese release and Flyingcloud 72 reviews the US release <img> Up in community announcements there is another review, and Carl. reviews the songs he heard so far in open topic in what you bought in October.

    Free So Free

    I did the Japanese import deal, the album is amazing, Flying Cloud says it all <img> My fav’s so far are No Way, Bobbin’, Freedom, Tell The Truth, If That’s How It’s Gotta Be…and the rest of the disc <img> That border deal does suck in a huge way, but sometimes you just gotta go for it, hope you get it soon!!!

    Allison <img>

    ps disc comes out in europe on the 14th… <img>

    pps I agree kinda hush hush around here, strange since we are getting record numbers visiting the site…especially the last four days <img> <img>

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    Yeah I should have ordered it from amazon.ca (did you see their shipping costs… ridiculous) but too late. HMV.com also has it but they don’t have the doug martsch album which I really want.

    I think cdplus.com is the best place to buy CD’s (even for Americans) but they don’t have everything I want (although they do have a few surprises)

    Anyway, looking forward to the album. I really like Tell The Truth (bit of Urge Overkill or is it just me?), and If That’s how it’s gonna be.



    hi bob, yeah, it’s rather quiet around here during the last days, although the new record is out…
    but when I got the record, I couldn’t talk about it immediately – too much to listen to, too many impressions to handle… <img>

    Others, like you or like all the Europeans have to wait another few days (or weeks <img> )

    Of course I’d love lots of discussions concerning the new album & the new songs, like ‘favourite song’, ‘favourite guitar solo’ etc. <img> <img> <img>


    Bucky Ramone

    No sign of ‘FsF’ over here yet, three more days to wait…. <img>



    i can’t wait for monday <img>
    i hope i will find free so free here



    No way I could wait until the 14th, so a few weeks ago I got the japanese import too. It’s definitely an amazing album and there’s not one tune I can get enough of .. except maybe the chorus of Tell The Truth .. I dunno maybe it’s because I really dig the verse which to me promises something that the chorus doesn’t quite delivers .. but this is a very minor objection cuz I just love the album and it’s so great to have some new stuff from J to listen to during this fall .. funny how I always listen to J excessively in the fall .. there’s just something about J and red leaves I guess. Anyways, right now my fav is Set Us Free and I just can’t wait ’til the 31st when he’s playing over here, kinda wish there was a japanese import deal on that too <img>

    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>Originally posted by DeepRest:
    <strong>One thing you haven’t heard, is this cool frantic lead J bombs on us on Say The Word. It really doesn’t bump into any casual lead until about 20 seconds into the lead, then it hooks into two minutes of nothing better to say. </strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>I guess this makes me a huge fan of nothing better to say <img> <img>



    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>Originally posted by maxini:
    <strong>I just can’t wait ’til the 31st when he’s playing over here, kinda wish there was a japanese import deal on that too <img>
    </strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>now that would be great <img> I’d consider to import a J gig, too…
    nice to hear from you again, maxini <img>

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