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    from the Mozilla group..

    I just downloaded the Windoze version… so far, I am liking it. Especially the pop-up blocker. Of course, I do not know how good it is, since I been using it for minutes now..




    I’ve been thinking about a change, let us know how it works our for you :mrgreen:

    Pop up blockers are great, I have the new google toolbar…it’s blocked 300 pop-ups so far :shock:



    Well.. Day One.

    I am here in Phoenix, AZ. again. I get a call from the sales rep that the customer does not need at the site today. So I decide to use Firebird 0.61 as my primary browser for the day…

    For a point of reference, I have already used Mozilla (I think since 1.0 or 1.1). Firebird is very similar. In fact, they share a lot of the same code.

    For a version 0.61 release, in one day I have had ZERO problems with it. Also, the only pop ups I remember seeing are the ones that appear when I click on a link that opens a new window.

    As for what I have issues with, it is all work related sites.. Especially our expense system, which requires Micro$oft VM… Java Run Time Environment does not work with our system. (oh, and you can not use Windows Update to patch your system)

    So for a day one, it worked very well for me…

    I do not usually do any customization of the browser, however I may have to look into for Firebird.. Just to play with it.

    This is a very good, no-nonsense browser. Even the non-customized version I am using.




    Mozilla is a great browser
    Use it since the very beginning
    Not a big fan of Firebird though, mostly becuz ZoneAlarm don’t block the ads
    Thats something ZoneAlarm does when I use Mozilla

    But FireBirds has some great options I miss in Mozilla
    Such as Open All Tabs In Favorites & A Seperate Toolbar
    & A Great PopUp Blocking System they have

    But blockings Adds is more important for me, really hate these

    They have a great Mailprogram to
    Called Thunderbird, U should give that a try
    Many great options that are not in Outlook such as JunkMail Control

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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