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    I saw where the dinosaur jr. live dvd would be put out with clips from the reunion tour. Does anyone have any information about this release date? My husband and I were at the Boston show in the very front and I remember tons of filming was going on. Big thanks to KEVIN from Athens, GA for getting us backstage at the Avalon in Boston. You are so awesome!! Does anyone else have any tour stories?



    I think its going to take a while to edit everything. Also I think there may be 2 DVD’s. One is the official Dino one and one is a documentary on J. :)



    i thought we,-‘the unwashed’- agreed that there would be THREE(3) discs…
    1.the 80s
    2.the 90s
    3.the reunion tour
    i also think we agreed that that would be great :)
    s 8)



    From punkbands.org:

    Dinosaur Jr. have been touring complete with the original lineup of J. Mascis, Emmett Jefferson Murphy III and Lou Barlow. The band recently announced plans to record and produce their first ever live DVD. They will film their upcoming two night performance at the Irving Plaza in New York City, currently scheduled for December 2nd and 3rd.

    The DVD will be directed by Gold In Berlin, which is run by Mascis’ own brother in-law, German filmmaker Phillip Virus. As well as the live performance, the producers promise "complete backstage footage, one-on-one interviews, behind the scenes goings-on." The DVD itself will also include a number of bonus features.

    The band reunited with a first set of dates which took place in the UK this past June, followed by the recent US dates. The band has a handful of shows coming up in the next few months which are listed below.

    11.29.05 Metro Chicago, IL
    11.30.95 Metro Chicago, IL
    12.02.05 Irving Plaza New York, NY
    12.03.05 Irving Plaza New York, NY




    obviously incomplete info. Why would they have filmed the entire US & Euro tours if they weren’t planning on using it ?



    Yeah, I thought the same thing but it’s at least some news about it. Maybe these shows are going to help fill in the gaps or something. Like, since they never played Pond Song on this tour, they play it now so it can be on the DVD? I doubt it, though.



    maybe they took to heart what fans were saying about wanting a complete show on the DVD…hope so!

    pretty much the same info in the story below…livedaily.com

    Dinosaur Jr. to film shows in Chicago, New York

    October 10, 2005 03:19 PM
    by Jon Zahlaway
    liveDaily Senior Writer
    Veteran alt-rock trio Dinosaur Jr. (tickets | music), which mounted a reunion tour earlier this year, has lined up four November concerts, including a two-night stand in New York City that will be filmed for a live DVD.

    The group will warm up for the film shoot with a pair of shows at Chicago’s Metro on Nov. 29-30, and will roll cameras at New York City’s Irving Plaza on Dec. 2-3. Tickets for all four shows are on sale now.
    In addition to concert footage, the DVD will feature backstage and behind-the-scenes clips, as well as one-on-one interviews with frontman J. Mascis, bassist Lou Barlow and drummer Murph, according to a press release.

    Dinosaur Jr. announced in February that it was reuniting for a television performance and appearances at festivals in the U.K. and Japan. A North American tour followed. The group’s original lineup of Mascis, Barlow and Murph split in 1989, though Mascis continued to record under the Dinosaur Jr. name for several more years.

    Merge Records reissued the first three Dinosaur Jr. albums–"Dinosaur," "You’re Living All Over Me" and "Bug"–in March.



    I did find some preliminary info about the release date… ;D

    …which is scheduled to hit stores sometime during the first half of 2006.



    "Coma Girl " wrote:
    I did find some preliminary info about the release date… ;D

    …which is scheduled to hit stores sometime during the first half of 2006.


    oh, what a birthday gift that would be..

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