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    again, i hope this hasn’t been posted already :D

    for a quiet man, he sure can talk !

    The Loveless Waiting Room

    Kevin Shields, Lost in Translation and a My Bloody Valentine Promise
    by Gregg LaGambina | 01.29.2004

    It’s mid-winter in a university dorm room somewhere in the Midwest. It’s 1991. The shades are drawn, the door is locked, the room is lit purely for atmosphere (from a lava lamp, or a string of Christmas lights), the chatter is the tentative type of new friendships barely a month old, and the music that fills the room is “Only Shallow� from a new record by My Bloody Valentine called Loveless. Someone explodes.

    “What the fuck is that word, man? You know, like when something just doesn’t seem like something else, but is something else? Like, it’s so strong in what it is that it, like, fucking busts out and actually becomes something else?�

    Someone says “synesthesia� and looks around with the shaky confidence of a student who learned the word on a recent afternoon in a lecture hall nearby.

    “Yeah! That’s it, man. Fuck! I’m hearing this shit, but look around you, man! It’s in the air. I can see this fucking song. What is going on here?�

    Loving Loveless makes you almost envious of the odd sort who’s never heard it. Call it virgin envy. To paraphrase the mighty Foreigner, nothing “feels like the first time.�

    After fairly inauspicious beginnings and a handful of mid-‘80s EPs mired in derivative synth-goth explorations that led to nowhere but the bargain bins, Kevin Shields, guitarist and ongoing leader of the still in-limbo My Bloody Valentine, had a breakthrough. Isn’t Anything was very much somethingâ€â€



    That is such a great read. Simple as that.

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