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    25 septembre 1991 … les-buses/

    Here is another long and great interview with J and Murph in 1991 from the french magazine lesinrocks.
    (the best dino interview I’ve ever read so far !!!!!)
    There’s a lot of funny punchlines about lou just being fired.
    J always called him "ce connard" (=this asshole)
    J talking about lesbians in Northampton:
    "That’s why I’ve fired our bassist, this asshole was only interested in girl, he was a lesbian."

    It’s a GREAT interview with a lot of funny things about lesbians, drugs, cover songs, sexual frustration, teenage angst,
    Murph talking bout his drug addiction and rehab, J talking about being a skinhead, his love for Black Sabbath …..

    Sorry, I don’t have time to translate it and my english’s really bad, maybe someone or google could help.
    Anyway, the french translation is very funny.



    OH, my french is not good but good enough for me to feel like I don’t know if I should laugh or cry after that. Lesbians turning women against their husbands and stealing them away.(I’m crying) I did get some good fodder for my little list of sun sign humor. Every time I hear or see something that is "on the money" as far as sun signs go I jot it down. My note book goes all the way from Aries to Pisces. A heads up for Sagittarius’s…everyone is an idiot except you! We have here in Athens a new fellow, a single Sagittarius guy (age 48, should be your first clue girls) that just moved to town and he is an artist (potter) and he has just set up shop outside of Athens. I guess he is pretty good at what he does so a girlfriend told me you have to go out with me and meet "Marco"…..So I spent an hour of so recently with Marco and everybody according to him is stupid, clueless, slow, moronic, and an idiot. Realizing that as soon as I left his space I was about to be dumped into that category…I decided to start calling him "Rocco" He shares studio space with a few friends so every time I see him I say "Hey Rocco" and he’s like, my name is "Marco". I think a great idea is to put together a book on how to truly drive each sun sign crazy…for Sag’s you need to go ahead and be,in a full onslaught kind of way,the moronic idiot that that already assume you are. I think I’m going to go call Rocco right now and ask him if it’s raining where he is. I actually love the Sag energy, the bitchin’ and all but sometimes they need to be held down and forced to eat a big ‘ol slice of humble pie….my goddess.



    Where’s my French connection when I need it? I bet it’s hiding under my bed again. One of my girlfriends is from Montreal and sometimes when she talks to me she starts speaking French in the middle of a sentence. Maybe she’d be up for a good ole’ fashioned kidnapping and translating session. Then maybe we could go visit "Marco" and recreate the scene from Ghost on the potters wheel.



    This article is like 17 years old….I hope some things have changed.

    Pour moi, lire est une chose que l’on ne fait que si l’on est forcé. :(

    "girl" wrote:
    Then maybe we could go visit "Marco" and recreate the scene from Ghost on the potters wheel.

    I don’t know that scene but I’m watching all this from a distance….but you could come and join the clucking hens…it’s going to be a battle of the fire signs before the summer is over. Who needs TV when life is ongoing and so funny. You don’t tell an Aries girl what to do and how to do it……….pour gasoline…light the match…….I’ll have a marshmallow on a long stick……..that would be marsh"mellow" actually if it were in my hands. I wont be able to answer back I’m on my way out of town with my girlfriends. I’m already missing my children and we haven’t walked out the door yet. Pray for Daddy….that he is up for the job….three days with the kids…..(I think he actually hired a sitter for Saturday) so funny!!!!!!


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