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    Bucky Ramone

    Review from ‘in music we trust’

    J Mascis + The Fog
    Free So Free (Ultimatium Music)
    By: Alex Steininger

    Former Dinosaur Jr. front man J Mascis has established himself as a still vital guitar rock force with his band, The Fog. On their second full-length, Free So Free, Mascis and his backing band haven’t forget what it means to play loud and melodic. They create songs with more maturity and depth than their past efforts (not to say their past efforts were lacking maturity or depth), while having fun in the process.
    Free So Free soars with plenty of guitars to fuel the driven, melodic rock sound. Mascis’s voice is deep and scratchy, still soft enough to compliment the lighter moments, and gravelly enough to really push forward the rock songs that he creates.

    From the infectious guitars of "Tell the Truth", the hook-laden "Freedom", and the rough-edged "Everybody Lets Me Down", Mascis + The Fog create a sound that, in a better world, would replace the ‘modern’ rock that pollutes the airwaves. I’ll give it a B+.

    And one from Flavorpill sf

    CD REVIEW: J Mascis, Free So Free
    Released 10.8.02
    $12.99 (Insound)

    There’s not one bit of growth as an artist on J Mascis’ third solo album. But then again, since his days with Dinosaur Jr., Mascis has never been that interested in moving forward as much as making the here and now seem as beautifully chaotic as possible. On Free So Free, he creates a lush, melodic wall of sound that he claims was written during myriad skydiving trips last year ­ there is an airiness to these tracks that makes you want to believe him. For the title track, the distortion box is toned down, without losing an iota of his trademark sound, as Mascis does his best Carlos Santana-meets-Nirvana guitar homage. And somehow, Mascis makes the chorus of "Everybody Lets Me Down" seem like a self-help mantra within its sunny back porch melody. Why grow when standing in one place is so much fun? (AS)



    Thanks for those DB <img>

    I’m all for J replacing the sounds that currently pollute the airwaves…what a great line!!! <img>

    Not quite sure what to say about that carlos santana/guitar homage line though… <img>

    Allison <img>

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