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    I’ve been playing Dinosaur Jr. songs for 19 years. I started with goin’ home off Martin and Me. Now there’s tabs and stuff and now I don’t even find time to play all this. I’m in a one man band at the moment and was thinking of going into folk.
    No one likes my band name. Now that i’m getting out of grunge music I wonder if bands will be bought by name alone in the future. Since it’s all music, I haven’t really grown fond of boards of Canada or of montreal. I’ve spent all this time learning filthily notated led zeppelin songs and Sugar instead of a Dino Tab Book released then. Hi, have we ever met? I’m Tony.




    Hey Tony



    Hey again Tony



    It’s still a case I had no tab book when I was 16-20 yrs old. If I would have had the purpletastic
    to read back then I wouldn’t have got in so much trouble. Hi Jeremiah and SG. I’ve been thinking about hanging up learning the Dinos songs. Any idea what I could leave as the last DIno/J song I ever play?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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