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    Great show in Amsterdam yesterday !

    J and the guys really played a great gig at the Melkweg. They started out with a tiny jam session followed by fog songs, old dino stuff, some covers (stooges, I believe) and of course: J’s keyboard act. How can a man play keyboard, guitar and sing at one time ?

    Mike is one great bassplayer ! Whow, I’ve never saw him perform, but this guy has to much energy. I hope I still be rocking like him when I’m that age.

    The only minor point of the evening was this annoying @sshole in the crowd: J appeared in a great mood. But this guy, kept offering J whiskey and other liquor. When J didn’t accept the drinks, he got pissed and spilled the drink all over J’s equipment! After this event, J wasn’t enjoying the evening that much anymore. It’s a shame…

    I don’t know the whole setlist, just some of the songs I remembered (spaceboy, can you help me out here?)

    BackB4 you go
    More light
    Little furry things
    The wagon/I live for that look
    Repulsion (massive!)
    Just like heaven
    What else is new (Mike’s house)
    Freak scene

    Greetz from Holland



    I tried to climb onto the stage and grab one of those setlists, but the folks upfront already had them.

    Who knows the full set of the Melkweg show?



    Sorry but I cannot help
    I missed the show


    Since I was born I started 2 decay
    Now nothing ever ever goes my way



    By the way: that guy that kept offering J drinks was annoying indeed. J was obviously not interested. That dude should have left him alone after that.

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    Well enough talk about that, let’s talk about the show…

    I think I took some great photo’s from J, Mike and George! I’ve taken them with a disposable camera, but since the lights were bright enough on stage, I think they will be OK. The audience were very co-operative by the way: They didn’t mind me holding a camera in their sight…

    I will post a link to these pictures, as soon as they’re ready.

    BTW, I’ve noticed that sombody video taped the whole show. Does anybody know who he is ??



    Friend of mine got the setlist, but I can’t reack him now, I’ll put it on later.

    "I am so smart, I am so smart, s. m. r. I mean s. m. a. r. t. – Homer"



    Got it:
    chronological order:
    Mike’s house (What else’s new)
    Maggot Brain
    Not Right
    I’m not fine
    Where’d you go
    All the girls
    Back B4 U go
    Same day
    Fury (Little Fury Things)
    Blowin’ it (Blowin’ it/I live for that look)
    The Lung
    TV Eye

    More Light
    Heaven (Just Like Heaven)
    Freakin’ Shite

    It actually said Alone?/Just like Heaven too bad they didn’t play Alone.

    "I am so smart, I am so smart, s. m. r. I mean s. m. a. r. t. – Homer"

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