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    Bucky Ramone

    Hey rambleon, welcome on the board, have fun and ramble on! <img>



    hEY Rambleon

    Welcome to this beautiful place in an oh so cruel world

    Just hope u like it here
    But u will I guess cuz u finally registered
    so u know what u can expect here

    C Ya




    hey rambleon,
    welcome + great, that you finally decided to register <img>

    After the acoustic gig in Berlin last year, I went onto the stage and asked J for an autograph, too. I mumbled something like "great show, thank you", because that was what I felt in that moment, and yeah, he just looked at me the same way you describe: He looked like he really wondered why people ask him for autographs …
    He didn’t reply. Later I asked myself if I just didn’t wait long enough for a reaction? Don’t know, but seems it was the same situation like you describe it <img>


    Bucky Ramone

    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>Originally posted by DeepRest:
    <strong>….Was there a soccer match that same night, cause you mentioned beatings….</strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>The Beatings were the support act that night…. <img>



    hey … i’ve been checking out this website at least once a day since dec 2000 or so … possibly longer … but it’s taken me this long to register, so maybe i should have called myself the procrastinator ?!?

    anyhow … i’ve been into dinosaur jr/j mascis since 1990(ish) and the 1st time i saw them live was when my bloody valentine opened for them in 1992 (i think…maybe late 91 ?) at avalon in boston … i’ve seen j play w/ + w/o a band lots of times since then — the last time being the metro club in london last month … which if course was great (and so were the beatings too)

    i got j to sign a cd for me and he gave me a bit of a funny look like he either didn’t understand what i was saying (b/c i was super nervous and when that happens my voice becomes barely audible + i was really shaking too) — or — also he also kind of looked surprised that someone would want his autograph … or … well i’m not sure … but it was certainly a weird look, but i noticed other people on this website said he gave them a strange look/reaction too … so maybe that’s just his way ?? don’t know …

    well … i can’t wait to get the new album tomorrow (after work, straight down the west end) and finally check it out … <img>



    Hi Rambleon

    Hope to see you at the next London gig coming up……




    Welcome to the boards Rambleon <img>



    hey thanks …

    well, yeah … i hadn’t thought about not waiting for a reaction, but in a way there was no time b/c people were jumping on stage and he was trying to make a quick exit …

    right after he signed my cd he was grabbed by this v.drunk woman who tried to give him a kiss or something … that was a strange sight to see !!!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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