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    I really wish ATP would do a road show with some of these…..

    ATP Concerts present a Don’t Look Back Event… THE FLAMING LIPS performing THE SOFT BULLETIN, with DINOSAUR JR. performing BUG and DEERHOOF performing MILK MAN

    We’re very excited to be able to present one of the greatest albums of the last 20 years live in it’s entirety next July at London’s stunning Alexandra Palace. On the 1st July 2011 The Flaming Lips will perform their seminal classic The Soft Bulletin as part of ATP Concerts Don’t Look Back season. On the album’s release in 1999 it was hailed by critics as ‘The Pet Sounds of the 90s’, receiving adulation from fans and writers alike, topping many year end charts and spawning two classic singles (‘Waiting For A Superman’, ‘Race For The Prize’) and going on to influence countless bands. In 2003 Pitchfork placed the album as the third best album of the 1990s alongside Radiohead’s OK Computer and My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless


    For this special show they will be joined by two other stunning acts; Dinosaur Jr will perform their 1988 classic Bug; the third album with their original line-up, it included the instant alt-rock classic ‘Freak Scene’. Finally San Francisco’s Deerhoof, one of the most acclaimed live acts around (fans include Radiohead, Beck and Blur all of whom they have been personally invited to support), will perform their 2004 album and fan favourite Milk Man to complete the line-up.

    Tickets go on sale this Friday 3rd September at 10am priced at £40 via http://www.atpfestival.com / http://www.seetickets.com / http://www.stargreen.co.uk



    Thanks for the heads up Jeremiah…Wow…I could never buy a ticket for that because I don’t know if I’ll even be alive then…and I sure wish the writer of that piece hadn’t used the word "seminal." I’m so tired of that word… but on an up note…he/she did use the word "stunning" to describe Dinosaur Jr. Now, I like that word. It’s a word that I think needs a comeback. I’m going to start to use that one tomorrow with my husband…as in "Dude..you’re stunning me"
    Stun means to to daze or render unconscious right? Damn, that word is as fine as a Spanish Soccer player. Why haven’t I been using it more?
    I can not wait until tomorrow because I know there will be at least a dozen chances for me to use that word with my fabulous Leo. Several times recently I have found myself "stunned" while talking with him on the phone. I think that is what you call "stunned speechless" ….L freakin O L…."Dude…you are so stunning (great for the Leo ego) ..you about to stun me into speechlessness where by hanging up the phone instead of saying something equally stunning back to you would probably be in the best interest of our marriage." CLICK…OMG Stunning.
    Double rainbow all the way!


    King Tubby

    Good! Maybe the Bug tunes they’ll now be forced to relearn will end up in their regular sets.



    Cool, I remember seeing them in ’05 doing YLAOM in full at Koko in London
    ( Plus they added Freak Scene, Budge, Forget the Swan, Don’t and Chunks)

    Would be great to see Bug! :D – Would be even greater to see Where you been(Full orchestra !)
    – I wonder what Mike J is up to ????

    Seems to be in fashion, I read Weezer are doing there first two albums live to the other day……



    Thats crazy they are going to play Bug in its entirety, being that this album was recorded with so much animosity and bad vibes. J has said its his least favorite album because of that.



    Awesome They Always Come. My brother in law will be living in London there so definitely going to try and make it.

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