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    I know this has been mentioned here on the board b4 but just found this update. Apparently Watt and Ron Asheton are joining J to do some Stooges covers… <img> <img> <img> <img>


    So for those of you that can go check it out, for those of you that are going…take pics, tape it and for gods sake share it with us..PRETTY PLEASe <img>

    Allison <img>



    Just read that Thurston Moore will be one of a few guest vocalists with Mascis, Watt and Asheton. He definitely could do a wicked job of those Stooges songs!!!




    Shade-check this out


    buckingham rabbit

    j mascis gets a lot of shit from indie people–or at least the ones that i know. i don’t think hipsters like him either (there is a small difference between the two–sometimes). sure, they’ve all got the lastest black heart procession album, but do they even have ‘youre living all over me’? my point is just that its cool that all these ‘indie’ rock luminaries are pals with j and always play with him and like his stuff. it should vindicate him in the hipsters’ eyes, but it probably dosen’t. i just always assume they can’t identify with it cause, you know, they are too ‘cool’.



    Hey BR,

    How hip can the hipsters be if they don’t get it <img>
    J doesn’t need to be vindicated in the so called hipsters world in my opinion, nope not at all. BLAH to elitist hipsters <img> <img> <img>

    Allison <img>



    I was reading on Sonic Youth`s site awhile back about a show they did and these indie kids were calling them sell outs?! <img> J seems to get the same treatment which I find weird because J and SY pratically invented indie rock.



    Hey SG,

    I agree completely, makes no sense at all <img>

    Although maybe those hipsters BR is talking about are following the rules according to this cool link Mattman posted back in the fall <img>


    Allison <img>


    buckingham rabbit

    i saw this indie girl talking to this dirty, soon to be bald guy who works at the record store, and she was totally into him. why? cause he’s indie cool. that whole scene is a joke in my opinion. while its cool to have friends that like the same music you do, there is no reason to dress just like everyone else that listens to that music as well. its just conforming on a smaller scale, which should be antithetical to ‘indie’. i’ve probably bitched about this before. just listen to what you want (as long as its indie <img> )and if you get shit for not liking tortoise, to hell with the kids!

    and damn…that dinsosaur jr dis–which im guessing is probably why matt provided this link in the first place. but hey, theres some truth to it. <img> but ‘hand it over’ is good.



    Set list for ATP:

    Real Cool Time w/Thurston vocals
    1969 w/Josh (Queens of the Stoneage) vocals
    Down On The Street
    Not Right
    Little Doll
    I Wanna Be Your Dog w/Kim Gordon vocals
    TV Eye
    No Fun w/Ed Vedder on vocals

    J – guitar
    Ron Asheton – guitar
    Watt – thunder broom & vocals
    Scott "Rock Action" Asheton – drums

    did you know that Mogwai named there last record "Rock Action" after Scott?

    It was a great show and a treat to see the Rock Action behind the kit after all these years.



    Thanks for the set list Captainfish, definitely must have been a thrill to check out Scott Asheton!!!

    Cool info about Mogwai, found this interesting tribute to Scott Rock Action Asheton recently… add Rock Action & Stir

    My fav on that set list is Down On The Street, they did that on an audiocast from HOB last fall…too sweet.

    Allison <img>

    moving to J tours <img>



    Javro-here`s who I know:

    -Arcwelder:Chicago band,agressive post punk
    -Blonde Redhead:SY style indie rock,great band
    -Bonnie Prince Billy:AKA Will Oldham/Palace Brothers
    -Breeders-you know them
    -Cheap Trick:WTF! <img> why are they on this?
    -Danielson Famille:think Partridge Family produced by Steve Albiini
    -Dead Moon:have`nt heard their music but heard it`s garage rock
    -Diagnogah:post rock indie instrumental chicago style stuff,like a happier Mogwai
    -The Fall-you know them
    -Robbie Fulks:country/folk stuff
    -Godspeed You Black Emperor:rock orchestra from Canada,amazing band
    -Do Make Say Think:Canada`s answer to Mogwai,slightly jazzy
    -Lonesome Organist:a guy from Chicago who plays organ
    -PW Long:Chicago by way of Detroit musician,used to be in Mule,bluesy rednecks
    -Dave Lovering-drummer from the Pixies
    -Low:slow band from Minnesota,great band but if slow songs put you asleep don`t check them out
    -Melt Banana:japanese band,noisy
    -Mission Of Burma:legendary Boston band during the punk era
    -Rian Murphy:Drag City records head honcho
    -The New Year:2 guys from Bedhead,Chris from Come,good indie stuff
    -Plush:mellow stuff with strings and horns
    -Rachel`s:neo classical
    -Mark Robinson:former guitarist/singer in Unrest,east coast indie hero
    -Shellac:Steve Albini`s band,producer for Nirvana,Breeders,Pixies,etc. agitated Chicago indie rock
    -Shipping News:more Chicago style indie,more quiet then loud,Mogwai like
    -Silkworm:one of my fav bands,from Montana,great band
    -Smog:Bill Callahan,from Cali,slow
    -Versus:one of my fav bands,from NYC,think Sonic Youth more melodic with some Pavement thrown in
    -Wire:old art punkers
    -Shannon Wright:used to be Malkmus`s girlfriend,Cat Power like
    -Zeni Geva:Japanese band,noisy



    Once again, a great line up from the States fails to continue in the UK. If anyone can give me any advice on who the hell some of the bands playing at the hugely glamorous Camber Sands are (The Fall and the Breeders would be cool) then I’ll consider going, but was less than enamoured by the lineup.




    Here;s the link


    Salami, Buck, AGAP etc, am expecting lots of help from you, oh ye of encyclopaedic knowledge. <img>



    Javro-replied to your pm <img>

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