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    Notting 2 Say About These Great Albums
    Just go 2 yr favorite recordstore + buy them all

    * Hayden – Everything I Long For
    * Hayden – Skycraper National Park
    * The Cure – 17 Seconds
    * Sparklehorse – Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot
    * Palace Music – Arise Therefore
    * Smashing Pumpkins – Siamese Dream
    * Songs Ohia – The Ghost
    * Moondog Jr – Every Day I Wear A Greasy Black Feather On My Hat



    Some of my all time favorite albums include:

    Dinosaur Jr.- Where you Been
    Dinosaur Jr.- Green MInd
    JMasic- Martin + Me
    Soundtrack from Gas Food Lodging
    Modest Mouse- Moon and Anarctica
    Fugazi- 13 Songs
    Buffalo Tom- Let Me Come Over
    The Roots- Things Come Alive
    Neil Young- Harvest Moon
    Sinead O Connor- I do not want what I haven’t got
    The Cure- Disintegration
    Tracy Chapman- Tracy Chapman
    Toad the Wet Sprocket- Fear
    Radio Head- The Bends
    Radio Head- Kid A
    Tribe Called Quest- Midnight Mauraders
    Jesus and Mary Chain- Darklands
    Matthew Sweet- Girlfriend
    All- Allroy’s Revenge
    Bob Marley- Babylon by Bus

    God, the list could go on and on and on and on



    I’ll keep it to 5 because going into more will eventually end up in a list of "All the albums I’ve ever bought that I really liked.":

    Husker Du- "Zen Arcade"
    Dinosaur Jr.- "You’re Living All Over Me"
    Rites of Spring- "End on End" (one cd collection of all 17 of their songs)
    Meat Puppets- "Meat Puppets II"
    At the Drive-In- "Vaya"



    Shade-Fugazi`s 13 Songs is my fav Fugazi album,they never quite topped the songs on that album.Buffalo Tom`s Let Me Come Over,I`m glad you mentioned that,I think it gets overlooked alot.
    Shrafro-Rites Of Spring gets overlooked alot I find,not mentioned that often,it`s half of Fugazi,you think more people would be into it.
    Meat Puppets 2 is a great album,I like Up On The Sun as well,very relaxing album I find.



    Oh crap…

    On my list I forgot to add the following:

    J Mascis- More light
    Morrissey- Bona Drag
    Sebadoh- Bake Sale

    Oh and the Roots album is "Things come Apart" not things come a live. Gimme a break, I work too much. As for your reply on Buffalo Tom, I agree that "Let me come over" is overlooked a lot. I’m suprised more people don’t listen to them. I saw Buffalo Tom last year at the Troubadour and they sounded so good. I like "Big Red Letter Day" too. And Fugazi, that album used to make me wish I was a punk rock boy who played bass in a band. Ha Ha! [img]images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]



    i have a hard time with the belief that 13 songs is the best fugazi– i thought so too until not too long ago.

    the new album "the argument" is absolutely amazing. the song "full disclosure" is the most clever song i’ve heard in years. and it’s clever in a rock and roll kind of a way not in a radiohead clever kind of a way.

    i was so impressed by "the argument" that i went back and bought "red medicine." god, that one tops the argument! i only just started listening to these two, so i don’t know if they’ll have the staying power of 13 songs, but they are definitely more mature. (with the exception of "give me the cure" which is their best song ever) check out these two if you haven’t.

    oh and my top ten

    sonic youth–daydream nation (how could you say any other–undoubtedly their best album and the greatest i own in my opinion)

    descendents–milo goes to college

    screaming trees–sweet oblivion (lanegan’s voice rules!)

    beatles–abbey road (the end where all the songs tie together kills me every time—POOR GEORGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he was my favorite beatle)

    dino jr–yr living all over me

    velvet underground–white light/white heat (sister ray rules! greatest song of all time!)



    television–marquee moon

    dead boys–young loud and snotty

    oh yeah, has anyone heard beefheart’s first album "safe as milk?" i got it on vinyl this summer. it’s in real bad shape, but it’s a lot of fun to listen to on sunday mornings. very different from trout mask.



    buckingham rabbit

    dinosaur jr. –your’re living all over me*
    pavement–crooked rain, crooked rain*
    yo la tengo– painful
    belle and sebastian — if you’re feeling sinister
    the field mice — where’d you learn to kiss that way?

    * these albums are seminal to my existence. the other three no doubt will earn that categorization in due time.

    here are a bunch of other great albums:

    the bats — daddy’s highway
    the beach boys — pet sounds
    belle and sebastian — boy with the arab strap
    billy bragg + wilco — mermaid ave
    jackson browne — late for the sky
    john cale — paris 1919
    the chills — kaleidoscope world
    darcy clay — jesus i was evil
    the clean — compilation
    the db’s — stands for decibels
    the feelies — crazy rhytmns
    flamin’ groovies — shake some action
    flying burrito brothers — hot burritos! (1st three albums on 2 discs, all you need)
    galaxie 500 — today (i think its better than ‘on fire’)
    game theory — big shot chronicles
    the go-betweens — liberty belle and the black diamond express
    joy division — substance
    chris knox — songs of you and me
    mekons — rock n roll
    the only ones — peel sessions
    gram parsons — GP/grievous angel
    replacements — let it be
    scud mountain boys — massachusetts
    silver jews — american water
    soft boys — underwater moonlight
    the verlaines — bird dog




    TB-Red Medicine is my 2nd fav Fugazi album,the new album is`nt around here yet,I`ll check it out when it gets here.I like all your other fav albums,good taste for sure!,Sister Ray is one of my fav songs too!I think Sonic Youth`s Evol is their best but Daydream Nation is a close 2nd.Evol has such a spooky vibe to it,DN has some of it too.
    BR-The Bats!glad you mentioned them,ditto for the Mekons,good taste as well.Galaxie 500`s Today is better then On Fire in my opinion too.



    Salamiguy- I’m glad to hear that you’ve even HEARD of Rites of Spring. They are certainly not a very mentioned band and they’re just awesome. considering that they’re attributed with creating emotional punk altogether. Thanks for that.



    Sigur Ros – Agaetis Byrjun
    Godspeed U Black Emperor – Lift Yr Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven
    A Silver Mount Zion – Born Into Trouble As The Sparks Fly Upward
    Motorpsycho – Angels + Daemons At Play
    Motorpsycho – Demon Box

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