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    When Where You Been came out in 93,a guy on the radio said that it was good to see a follow up to Green Mind and that J took time out from watching the soap opera All My Children to record it.
    I thought he was joking,but I read in a book last year an old interview,problably several years ago that J does watch All My Children and would like to do a cameo appearence on it.
    He may not follow it now,or maybe he still does,does anyone know anything about this?
    I watched it in the early 90`s for about 2 years until I got tired of it.



    Maybe watching through all episodes of All My Children would answer all our questions about the interpretation of J’s lyrics …



    lol [img]images/smiles/converted/tongue.gif[/img] @ maxini

    I read somewhere that J dug some ‘punk rock chick’ that was on the show. I have never watched that one before though so I can’t tell you more than that!



    At the time I watched the show,when Halley came on the show she was sort of punk,so maybe it was her unless it was someone who was on the show after I stopped watching it.Halley by the way is the woman who co hosts Live with Regis Philbin now.
    Maxini-J may have got lyric ideas from the show,who knows,Squirel Bait said they wrote their lyrics to the tv set.



    I went to a couple of Dino pracatice sessions in the mid 80’s. J and Lou seemed pretty intent on finishing thier rehersal so they could check out the soaps. They talked about Guns and Roses, REM and the soaps.

    I could not understand it at the time, but I guess there was a method to thier madness…

    I was kind of exasperated actually. I wanted them to do some Captain Beefheart covers or some other crazyness and here they were talking about soap operas!

    But they were actually able to make some thing great out of thier… uhhh… …influences.



    When I was at the dentist the other day All My Children was on the TV.I started thinking about this thread,wondering if J still watches it.
    Squirrel Bait used to write their lyrics with the TV on,possibly giving them ideas in the lyrics.I wonder if J did this?


    buckingham rabbit

    i remember years ago watching that crap show ‘alternative nation’ on mtv and that lame-ass vj kennedy was saying how she interviewed mascis and he just wouldn’t respond to any of her questions–until she started talking about this soap opera. that was all he would talk about. i also remember reading in an interview that the stuff he writes about isnt all personal, that he observes some of this stuff, so maybe he does indeed get inspired by the soaps.

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