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    The other day I was talking about Steve Albini to dimpfelmoser,I thought of some more things that he `s said over the years:

    "Canadians are just boring americans."

    Called Urge Overkill"hate mongers"

    In response to critics wanting to know about why he is obsessed with real life horrors he said"Anyone who expects social resposibity from a punk rock band is problably an idiot."

    Once wrote a article on major label evils called "Some of you friends are this fucked"

    Played once in a Roxy Music influenced band called The Stations,and was kicked out for making bad remarks about Bryan Ferry.

    Anyone have anything else to add?



    I´m still not sure if calling your band Rapeman is such a brilliant idea. If you want to provoke some reaction you can do it in more subtle ways. Anyway, Rapeman is a Japanese character from a comicbook who, as a form of punishment, rapes his mainly female victims, and thus (because he is the hero) rape is excused. Now, when Rapeman toured England, some gigs were canceled due to strong feminist activities at some venues. Which is rather childish, but then you´re virtually asking for it if you call your band Rapeman. And I still don´t know if there is an excuse for producing Page and Plant.
    Shellac played a gig once with Stereolab here in Berlin at the Volksbühne. Pretty strange combination.
    Also, there is this semi official Live album from Sonic Youth and before they play the first encore, Thurston Moore shouts something like: We´re Sonic Youth and you´re Steve Albini and then launch into a rendition of the Ramones´ Loudmouth, so from that I gathered that they are not too chummy. Does anyone know why?

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    A few years ago I found a interview with Plant and he said he had Big Black records;I find this hard to believe but maybe he does,he admitted to being a Albini fan for many years,and that`s why he chose him,he also like the production/engineer work on PJ Harvey`s Rid Of Me.
    Albini also produced Bush,NIN,and a single for Cheap Trick.
    He also produced his ex girlfriend`s album,the same woman I mentioned who used to do a show here at the local college station.



    I think SY and Albini were acquaintences…I think it’s a kind of mutual bit of fun on both sides for any pisstaking that goes on…I think Albini was the sound guy on that live album it was recorded in Chicago (Hold That Tiger), and Pussy Galore are on the cover…I own it.

    There’s a Thurston tour diary where he goes on about Albini beating up some bouncers with ‘arms like whale dongs’ (very funny).

    I don’t think SY were happy that Albini called a Rapeman track ‘Kim Gordons Panties’ which might be were the friendship went kind of sour…though I think Rapeman actually toured with Sonic Youth which was when they played the UK and there were feminist protests.

    I need to check these facts…they were all on Blast First (dinosaur, sy, rapeman, big black)



    Are you sure Albini was the sound engineer on Hold that Tiger. The sound is pretty awful, not to say unlistenable. Yeah I forgot about the Kim Gordons Panties song. Pretty funny how he fools around with "Schizophrenia", which -by the way- is my favourite tune from Sonic Youth.



    I’m sure of it (I will check it when I get home from work)…I think he was working the PA and must’ve recorded directly to tape from here…I think the sounds bad ‘cos the grooves on the vinyl are super tight ‘cos it’s over 60 mins long…

    Sister is my favorite SY LP.



    Some of Steve Albini`s production work:
    Silkworm-Firewater(the video for "Wet Firecracker" is at Launch.com )
    Pixies-Surfer Rosa
    PJ Harvey-Rid Of Me
    Engine Kid-Bear Catching Fish
    Scrawl-Velvet Hammer
    Palace Music-Viva Last Blues
    -Arise Therefore
    Bedhead-Transaction De Novo
    Bitch Magnet-Star Booty ep
    Braniac-Hissing Prigs In Static Couture
    Dianogah-Battle Champions
    Dirty 3-Ocean Songs
    Don Caballero-Singles Breaking Up
    18th Dye-Tribute To A Bus
    Gastr Del Sol-Mirror Repair ep
    Low-Secret Name
    -Things We Lost In The Fire
    Man Or Astroman-Project Infinity
    -Spectrum Of Infinite Scale
    Wedding Present-Bizzaro
    -Sea Monsters
    Nirvana-In Utero
    Robert Plant/Jimmy Page-Walking Into Clarksdale

    there`s alot more but I think that`s good for now.


    humble joe

    Has he done any Tortoise? Are they good?



    As far as I know Albini has`nt produced Tortoise.
    They are good,they mix alot of influences too,there`s some live material on a site called mp3it.com


    Bucky Ramone

    Albini didn’t produce Tortoise, but he remixed some stuff of their first album on the ‘Rhythms, Resolutions & Clusters’ cd, fascinating stuff… I saw Tortoise live earlier this year, and it was just about two hours of nearly non-stop music, not your average rock-show….. (I especially liked the 10-minute bit where they sounded like a perfect ‘Neu’-clone [img]images/smiles/converted/tongue.gif[/img] )

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