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    I don’t think this review has been here b4, the Feb/03 issue has an interview with J…if anyone has a copy, how about posting it :idea:

    Alarm Press 8)

    J Mascis – "Free So Free"
    I remember in high school I classified all the bands I listened to into two categories: bands I liked and bands I loved. Four bands made it into the latter category and Dinosaur Jr. was one of them. When they came to Connecticut in my senior year, my mom wouldn’t let me go because it was on a school night, and I punched a wall as hard as I could. It was the maddest I ever was at my mom. I knew then that J Mascis is one of the greatest songwriters of our age, and somehow I knew I’d never get another chance to see Dinosaur Jr. Sure enough, they broke up during my freshman year of college after releasing possibly the best of their albums, and it fucked me up. I should’ve known, however, that Mascis was Dinosaur Jr. and he wasn’t going to stop making music. With last year’s release of More Light I was sucked back into the man’s spell, and the new Free so Free caught me off guard, showing up one day in the mailbox with no warning. This could be the best album of the year. Whereas More Light was deep and murky at times, the production on Free So Free comes off extremely clear. It’s smooth, and there’s a lot of space. You can hear everything, and it’s beautiful. The hooks are captivating, and I think J’s voice sounds better than it ever has. The raw low register and the falsetto mixed behind it sound so fucking smooth. Of course there’re no lyrics, but the theme of freedom is echoed again and again through various songs. J talks about being free, and that’s how you feel. Go ahead, listen, have everything else fall away, and get lost in an amazing guitar solo. (FBA)

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