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    Jeremiah,My name is Keith and I work at J.’s label in europe and am also a friend of his. J. and the band had an auto accident yesterday evening in Sweden on their way to Germany. They were cut off on the highway while doing 70 mph, skidded off the highway and the van fell and slid on it’s side. Luckily, an ambulance was right behind them(!) and they recieved quick medical attention.
    J. got the worst of it. He has two broken vertebrae in his back but the prognosis is that he should be fine. He is lying in the hospital in Halmstad and when I spoke to him, his spirits were okay. He even had me check his email to see if his bid on an Incredible String Band record on ebay was the highest! If he’s thinking of things like this, I think he’s gonna be okay.He will probably fly home from Sweden tomorrow. The rest of the guys escaped miraculously with only cuts and bruises.
    Obviously, the rest of the Euro-tour is cancelled. Just thought you and your readers should hear the news.
    Best regards,
    Keith Nealy

    Thanks for the update Keith!!!!!!

    I am still in shock but this is definatly good news!



    Jeremiah, if you get contact with anyone else close to J, please ask them to let J know all of us at Freakscene are thinking of him and wishing him a speedy recovery!



    we could all write one or two lines and jeremiah could forward them to j….



    I’ll keep you guys informed definately. If you see any news posted anywhere be sure to let us know!

    There has been a thread started here for well wishes that I will definately send to the guys so be sure to add yours!

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