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    Potrero Hill is a quiet old warehouse district with a beautiful view of the SF skyline. It is kind of a modest neighborhood, but is slowly becoming one of the last old hippie neighborhoods to suffer the yuppie gentrification. My stepdad describes it as a neighborhood that used to be a little secret; one of the last places with affordable housing.

    I got there early, and stopped at a little coffeehouse up the hill that boasted high ceilings and white walls. It looked vaguely like a small apartment that had had its walls knocked down and an industrial-sized sink installed in the back. I sat down with my chamomile tea just as the one of the workers popped the 22-minute version of ‘Inna-Gadda-Davita’ into the stereo. I sipped quietly at the front window, keeping my eye on the clock. I was actually really nervous and excited and anxious, about both the concert and going to a strange venue for the first time.

    I didn’t finish my tea, but left a good tip and headed down the hill. The Bottom of the Hill looks, from the outside, like someone’s house. It’s baby-blue and shaped sort of like a townhouse, in between a vacant lot and a small apartment building. Across the street was a row of warehouses.

    The doors were supposed to open at 8:30, but weren’t open yet when I got there at 9. There were a few people hanging out, including two gen-x yuppies who tried to make menial conversation. The one guy was kind of cute, like an olive-skinned Stone Gossard, but he quickly turned me off with his mouth. He was making snide comments about one guy’s jalopy car, and then made another snide comment when J and Luisa came out of the club after soundcheck; something about J having ‘the requisite 24-year-old model girlfriend’. Never mind the fact that, earlier, he’d asked me “Has Dinosaur Jr put out any albums lately?â€



    I don’t remember the name of the first band, but they were very very good. It was four Asian kids who all looked really young, and instead of having the vocalist front & center, the bass player was up front. Most of the songs were very bass-oriented, slow, heavy, and dreamy. I wish I could remember their name, because I would definitely go see them again.

    The second group was called Dealership, and they seemed to have a pretty strong following. This was three people– a young woman who sang, and played keyboard and guitar; a male bass player who sang, and a drummer (who resembled a pudgy Jimmy Chamberlain) who also sang. They were a little too arty for me, and kind of reminded me of watered-down Yo La Tengo at best. But to their credit, they were very tight and confident and well-received. Just not my bag, musically. I was surprised when a lot of people left after their set. I wanted to shake them and say “Do you KNOW what you’re going to miss if you leave now?â€


    Bucky Ramone

    Fine review, thanks! <img>



    hEY Rosa

    Thank u so much for this great story & review



    Great review Rosa,thanks <img>



    Hey Rosa,

    Wickedly cool review <img> Thanks for thinking of us all during that show, thought I felt something <img> We’ve been thinking of you as well, we have ALL missed your sense of humor, insights, coolness and everything in between <img> So Welcome Back <img>




    Great review Rose, I really liked it.

    I can’t wait to see J in Tenn. Keep those reviews and info posted.

    Sincerely, Chris



    hey Rosa, thanks a lot for your great review! <img>
    I could almost breathe the atmosphere of that place while reading <img>


    buckingham rabbit

    hey rosa,

    wish i could have been there with you. i miss bottom of the hill. <img> got my ticket for his show down here, now i’m getting excited.

    btw, that band of asian boys is called eE, local boys. i saw them once at BotH myself awhile ago. i agree, they are pretty good. <img>



    wowowow, thanks i grok completely as i prefer going to shows alone too (do not want to be responsible anymore for someone else’s good time) even if it requires taking the train into the city(your city here) and then getting stranded w/no way home, it happened the wintry night i saw j perform at tt the bears in cambridge, cuz he went on soooo late i missed the last train. nevertheless it was my choice to stay, it was an adventure, and i made it home eventually, cold and hungry but with stars in my eyes and rather blissful despite the bitter weather.
    i know NOW i could have posted my review of that show but had only lurked here up until recently so thanks rosa thanks you rock



    excellent review… i am so looking forward to tomorrow.. since it is the first time seeing j.

    I was unable to see him before because of some personal issues years ago…

    thanks again for an excellent piece of work..




    That was a really great review. <img> Exactly one month till I get to see J.



    Thank you, that was amazing, the way you set the scene, the coffee, the people, the fashion, just gave it this real time feel, and, not for J, I’ve not seen J perform, but I know that disbelif when you and the artist you have admired so much for so long are in the same place, it was cool reading that expressed. Makes me all the more determined to be there next time around in Aus, even if my best friend has to baby sit and I go by myself, we’re sort of inseparable you see but we do these things. I did this for her so she could see Nine Inch Nails, I’m sure she’d understand my need to see J. Glad you had a great experience, times like those make life shine just that bit more,




    thanks for the brilliant review <img>

    I’ve seen J one time in Oslo, but I am planning to visit Biefield Germany when he comes there in August. No tour in Europe this summer, but I cross my fingers for next year.

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