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    I know its a cliche saying this but ‘Your living all over me’ is no doubt my favourite dinosaur jr album and it is why i bothered posting it. Nothing ever sounded like it and nothing ever will and it only gets better with repeated listening. If you cant hear the musical greatness and the real emotions in this album, I’m sure a lot of mainstream listeners can’t, then you probably need to get your ears checked. Everything I like about music is in this album -good vocal melodies, good innovative guitar melodies, unique song structures, rough production and lots of character. The guitars just sound awsome. J masics sleepy whiny vocals is brilliant and it adds so much personality to the music unlike his later material where he actualy tries to sing but is ruined by shitty 90’s over production. The album starts of with "little fury things" which I think is the defined mascis anthem and one of the best indie rock song ever written. The first time I heard that song it just made me fall straight on my arse. You could tell that j’s ideas had so much energy because it seemed like he tried squeeze so many things in just 3 minutes. How can anyone resist that pretty guitar melody/riff that occurs halfway into the song before the second verse (or chorus -whatever). This album is definitly not background music, you can only enjoy it by actively listening to it and following evey note from start to finish. The songs are very simple but the melodies are written so well that its just a fantastic listening experience just like some Neil Young songs -simple but written well. J sure knew how to satisfy the human ear back then. The album keeps at the same great level through out and by the time you get lost in the psychedelia of the song "the Lung" you instantly believe that J mascis is God. ‘Raisans’ and ‘in a jar’ are other dinsosaur jr favourites that are brilliant for the same reasons as "little fury things". Kracked, sludgefeast and tarpit are also good songs that further amazes you with j’s experimental and layerd guitars. The follow up "bug" is a more generic and accessable version of YLAOM and is also worth getting. YLAOM compared to the major label stuff shows that J mascis is not a studio orientated musician. The dreadfull 90’s production just filters out most of j’s character out of the music and his guitar playing only sounds good when it is left raw and rough rather than
    over processed. It makes his music sound (in terms of production not song writing) as hideous as a smashing pumpkins record. I’m pretty sure most of you would agree that J’s vocals sound much better when he is not trying to sing. Mascis seems to concentrate more on his vocals than the fret board through out each later albums. I suppose if you are on a major label you would have to sound way more generic and forget about doing anything creative. I think later dino albums are OK but none of the songs really do much but go -verse -choruse -verse -chorus- and guitar solo- chorus. Lots of his later songs are very repetitive and are made up of basic chords such as D, G, C which is the basis for writing generic pop songs. Do any of you guys agree with me ? Does J know that he is losing his creativity? does he have any future plans to go back to his good old days?


    expect nothing

    well everyones allowed there opionion and all – but i think your wrong saying hes lost his creativity – have you heard his new stuff. I think hes just as talented and creative now as he was in his "good old days" – possibly even more than he was back then.



    Sorry don’t agree with you on this one. I think staying the same & repeating what you’ve done, no matter how brilliant it was, is a sign of losing creativity. J certainly hasn’t done that, now plays most of the instruments himself, recorded his last two releases at his home studio (RIP Bob’s Place :( ), collaborates with some wicked musicians on his own stuff as well as guesting on numerous other releases. Tours frequently, also rejuvenated the careers of a couple Stooges :mrgreen:

    I love YLAOM, Bug & Dinosaur tons, agree they are classics, but I would hate to be without all the great releases past those…Green Mind etc etc. J still plays the old classics on tour though, if the BBC Session on later today is a repeat he does a wicked white noise version of FreakScene…gotta love that :aliensmile:


    uncle timmey

    :shock: ¡¡¿¿Lost creativity??!! :shock:

    YLAOM is my favorite album too but you cannot say J has lost creativity.
    Have you listened to the last albums?


    sonic death

    J is god, he will make great innovative songs til the end of eternity!!! He’s lost NO steam at all through his career in my opinion… :D YLAOM does have to be the best album though.



    How can you say that J lost creativity you fucking banana face :slap: :slap:

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