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    I personally think that this album is an important dinosaur jr album so I like to share my own opinions of it. I wont joke around because Anthony will get angry. Anyway, I know that when this first came out it was a very startling change to Dino fans who loved the thick layered guitars and noise of YLAOM and bug. Since J was on a major label he obviously had to lose the experimentation and do something more accessable. Still, not a complete sell out though. It still had enough edge to seperate dino jr from all the so called 90’s alternative crap that came out at the time (Pearl Jam and countless other commercial grunge wannabe’s). Gone is the loveable Lou Barlow with his characterstic bass playing who J kicked out from the band. I think it was more of a loss to J than it is to lou, but anyway it allowed j to go more commercial which lou would not want to be seen dead doing. Although I like bug and YLAOM better, this album still has the same J mascis slacker charm but minus the noise and rough guitar playing. Fans who wrote J mascis off because of this album are real fools because this album shows that J does’nt need to depend on layers of distorted guitars in order to make good music. I think that J’s guitar playing is excellent on this album. The songs are held together well by J’s rhythm guitaring unlike ‘where you been’ and later albums where the melody is based to much the vocals and the guitars do nothing much but play solos. ‘The Wagon’ is another classic single but I think the crispy clean poduction makes it sound a bit plastic compared to freak scene. What impressed me the most on this album is the song ‘flying cloud’. On this song J obviously plays more complex sounding chords than he usually does ( I think they are weird suspended chords) making it sound led zepplinish and very jangly and cool. I really like the song ‘Blowing it’ because it so fucking weird. It must be one of the strangest pop songs J ever wrote. ‘Water’ is also damn good song with more complex guitar playing. Like the wagon, it has an unpredictable song structure which is absent throughout later albums. Thumb has a great guitar solo and soul that is equal to anything on YLAOM. The rest of the song are pretty catchy and have weird melodies. I like the mix of electric and accoustic guitars on ‘Puke and cry’ and ‘muck’ they both sound quite funky. I think this album was intented to be a mainsteam success but failed miserably but thats understandable, the alternative wannabe kids wanted lame heavy rock with cheesy power chords (smashing pumpkins). Even though green mind was poppy it was still way too fucking weird to become a commercial hit but I think ‘the wagon’ may of gave it some success. I personally think this is the best dinosar jr material J ever released in the 90’s. I’m not a big fan of ‘where you been’ but I know its supposed to be a classic. The reason why i dont like it is that J seems to keep the songs together only by his vocals. The guitar plays little part in anything else besides guitar solos. For an example, on the song ‘get me’ try and listen to what j is playing underneath his vocals on the versus. You can hardly hear it, it is buried right beneath his vocals so much it sounds like an overproduced piece of guitar fuzz. It happens in many other songs too. I really like ‘out there’, ‘what else is knew’ (with cool folk guitar strumming) and ‘not the same’ though and I like how J expresses himself in the album. I just had to explain why I dont like ‘where you been’ as much as I should, so please dont say I’m wrong about ‘where you been’ because I have given a descent reason. Ive recently heard a live version of ‘get me’ on a single and it sounded fucking awesome. Its so much better with the guitars up higher than the vocals. It really shows that J is not a studio musician.


    expect nothing
    "mjw666" wrote:
    this album shows that J does’nt need to depend on layers of distorted guitars in order to make good music. I think that J’s guitar playing is excellent on this album.

    i agree with that – i think green mind showed a differnet side to J as a musician and songwriter, and i dont think it has as much to do with the change of label as some people say. The fact that the bands line up changed and ( if im right saying this) J did a lot of work alone on this album you have to expect a differnet sound.
    Im not sure id say this was my favourite album – i find it hard to give a definite reply to that question – but it is a great album which continued to show J’s genius musical talent.
    p.s – mjw666 – i think you might have made up a little bit for your little jokes earlier with this review :)



    i really like this album too…i dunno…it’s very tuneful…



    hey mjw666, this review looks like a good start to take you seriously ;) thanks for spending the time to share your thoughts & welcome here :)

    to me, Green Mind as a whole is still the coolest album I’ve ever listend to 8)
    each song participates to that ‘coolness’ which can only insufficiently be described with the slacker attitude, to which it has maybe been attached.
    Taking the particular songs, each one has got their highlights, Water is a classic & Flying Cloud is one of my all time favs.

    The album is different to the earlier Dino albums (minus Lou, plus more time & money spent in studio), but it’s a classic, and I appreciate it as much as any other Dino album – yeah, I couldn’t tell which one is my fav, but it’s Green Mind when I listen to it :D


    but minus the noise and rough guitar playing

    err… how’d you pin that one on me… it’s like the most hardcore of any dino tune. ……green mind.

    the alternative wannabe kids wanted lame heavy rock with cheesy power chords


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