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    ‘It’s just turned into a super loud sludgy sound, which is awesome’ Murph

    Another REALLY good one with Murph

    Is there significance to the title of the album, “I Bet on Sky”?
    No. That’s a weird J thing. You’d have to ask him because he didn’t even tell anybody — even us — the name of the record until right before. And unless you specifically ask him why that name he won’t talk about it. You’d literally have to ask him because we don’t know.

    What was the process like shifting from the hardcore bands in the early ’80s to Dinosaur and how did you get involved?
    ….Eventually J was like, let’s start a band with just the three of us where I’m on drums, Lou switches to bass and he’s on guitar and Charlie’s still on vocals. That’s how we originally started it. We called it Mogo. It think we were a band for a month or so as Mogo. And I think we ended up kicking Charlie out, and it was just the three of us and became Dinosaur and thinking about making our first record…..

    Read the full interview: http://kdhx.org/music/news/its-just-turned-into-a-super-loud-sludgy-sound-which-is-awesome-a-pre-loufest-interview-with-murph-of-dinosaur-jr



    They should always just interview Murph, seems so cool, I would love to have a few pints with him



    Yep, I’m loving the Murph interviews. I can’t believe after all these years there’s not more Murph interviews! He has some really great insights, “I’m the social one!”

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