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    Bucky Ramone

    1. Songs:Ohia – Just be simple
    2. the Folk Implosion – Kingdom of lies
    3. Evan Dando – It looks like you
    4. Cody Chesnutt – Looks good in leather
    5. the Kills – Cat claw
    6. Snakefarm – John Henry
    7. Soul Coughing – Super bon bon
    8. Einstürzende Neubauten – Yü-Gung
    9. Missy Elliot – Work it
    10. 3rd Bass – Microphone techniques
    11. the Roots – Sacrifice
    12. Gotcha! – Words and music from da lowlands
    13. Urban Dance Squad – Harvey Quinnt
    14. Lemon Jelly – In the bath
    15. Markus Kienzl – Top dog
    16. Funi – Straight, no filter
    17. Barry Adamson – The crime scene



    Urban Dance Squad?

    I used to dig them. Mental Floss for the Globe was one of my favorite albums back in the day. Where’s Harvey Quinnt from? Are they still around?

    Deeper shade of soul was one for the ages.

    Why’s april so good for mixes?

    sorry for all the questions…




    Bucky Ramone

    UDS isn’t around anymore, they disbanded in 2000, Rude Boy from the UDS became the first singer of "Junkie XL" a project by Tom Holkenborg, who as "JXL" became really famous for his remix of Elvis Presley’s "A little less conversation".

    "A deeper shade of soul" is a great one indeed, the original 60’s version by Ray Baretto is a killer as well!!!

    And I made 2 mixes in the first ten days of April (and a third one is on its way…), my normal average is about one (1) mix per month… :D



    thankz for the information dB 8)

    I bought that Elvis collection just for that track without knowing the connection.

    I can’t wait to find the original DSoS.

    I’m just getting into the mix cd realm. I was an addict and still play around a bit in mix tape maddness. I like being able to put wierd sound clips and cut songs after lines and beats. I’m sure I’ll gain skills with cd burning but my computer cd creation knowledge is a bit behind cutting edge currently.

    thanks again…



    Bucky Ramone

    Forgot to tell you where "Harvey Quinnt" is from, it is from their second album "Life ‘n Perspective of a Genuine Crossover", not nearly as great as "Mental floss….", but some fine tracks on it. 8)

    The original "DSoS" can be found on the Ray Baretto album "Acid", I found a French cd-reissue of it (with a couple of bonus tracks) in a bargain bin here in Amsterdam for about 5 US$….. :lol: 8)

    …..looking forward to your first experiments in mixing madness….. :wink:



    I remember that album, life and perspective…, my one friend bought it, I remember the various parts of the title track, there was like 4 or something, but the only track I really remember us diging and using on tapes was "through the gates of the big fruit". The lryics were too much, but I haven’t heard that album in ages. UDS, I’ll probably have to dig out Mental Floss soon.

    Oh, who is Funi?

    Straight no Chaser is one of Monk’s best. At the very least Straight no Filter is a cool title even if not in reference to Thelonious.


    Bucky Ramone

    Oh, who is Funi?

    Small error: that should be "Fumi", and "Straight no filter" sounds like it has come straight from some old Blaxploitation-movie soundtrack. I found it on the Rae & Christian "Another Late Night" mix-cd, no idea how old or new it is…….



    Hank Mobley did a song and an album called Straight No Filter in 1963,not sure if it has anything to do with it but thought I`d mention it.

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