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    … I hope I understood it right, that this story is about freeclimbing :? :D :?:

    Special News Feature: New Boulders Developed in Swindale…

    Keswick boys Trev Suddaby and Matt De Vaal have opened up an excellent new bouldering venue in the eastern Lakes – The Gouther crag boulders are situated below (surprise surprise) Gouther crag and are within easy reach of the road.
    After their preliminary recon mission and some serious cleaning they kindly let the south Lakes crew of Neil Kershaw, Tom Burns and Greg Chapman in on the act. So after Trev made all in involed take a blood oath not to try his project prow – which incidetally turned out to be "J Mascis" the best problem of its grade in the entire Lakes! – the guys decended on the crag and cleaned up, with Trev and Neil proving to be in blistering form!

    First Ascent List – Free So Free V7 (T Suddaby) J Mascis V7 (T Suddaby) Coconutter Start V9 (N Kershaw) Left Rib V4 (T Suddaby) Four Winds Wall V7 (N Kershaw) Matt’s Roof V5 (Matt De Vaal) Matt’s Roof sit start V7 (N Kershaw) Trev’s Traverse V6 (T Suddaby) Khukuri V8 (N Kershaw) Renegade NED V6 (G Chapman) Road To Valhalla V8 (G Chapman)

    Approach – The boulders are located a mere 10 minute walk from the parking and are situated on either flank of Gouther crag, which resides in the valley of Swindale, see topo below for a detailed approach.

    Trev Suddaby – J Mascis V7


    Bucky Ramone

    Not exactly a boulder called ‘J. Mascis’, but a very difficult free-climbing route on a rock call Gouther Crag in the English Lake District, a detailed description of the routes (and more pictures) and how to get there can be found in this .pdf file 8)

    Greg Chapman – Free so Free V7
    (as you can see, it’s another route on the same boulder as in the picture above)


    Bucky Ramone


    Too cool, great find!

    :aliensmile: :mrgreen: :aliensmile:



    hey, that’s pretty funny … :D



    J rocks and he is a rock :D :P :aliensmile:



    cool to see that J/ Dinosaur Jr also seem to be popular in the free climbing scene, as well as among many skaters :mrgreen:

    thanks for the additions, dB! :D



    Quality! That’s v.near where my parents live. I will check it out next time I visit.
    PS my dad is a climber and he recently named a new climb after my band, what a guy!

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