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    Fingers crossed he gets the guitar back… :shock: :(


    Please forward this as soon as possible to guitar shops and people around Stockholm:

    LOST: 1967 Fender Telecaster in Stockholm

    It answers to the name Scott Morgan.

    Scott was transferring between subway trains in Stockholm in the early afternoon of July 2,
    travelling between festival dates with The
    Solution, and walked away from the guitar while distracted. When he returned, it was gone. It probably looked like an orphan and the
    fervent hope is that a kind stranger rescued it.

    It’s a Sunburst with some scorch marks around the head where an
    attempt was made to set it on fire during a finale (!) It’s in a soft
    cover with Scott’s name and address on it.

    It’s a "one owner" guitar; Scott bought it back in ’67, so it has
    sentimental value.

    Anyone finding it can drop me a line ([email protected]) or call Sound Pollution Distribution in Sweden: +46-8-545 295 90 and they will be suitably rewarded.

    Feel free to on-pass this email via any bulletin boards, mailing lists
    or any other means of spreading the word.

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    Rock Action from Sydney, Australia, via The Bowery and the Motor City
    Reviews policy: http://www.i94bar.com/policy.html
    Snail mail: PO Box 105, Mortdale, 2223




    Wow, I don’t know what I’d do if I ever lost my Tele… :(

    I hope he can get it back too.



    Yeah, apparently it was THE guitar, he had it thru The Rationals, Sonic’s Rendezvous Band, Hydromatics, Powertrane… :shock:

    Scott Morgan Music

    He probably wrote one of my all time fav songs on that guitar, Electrophonic Tonic :(



    Good news, Scott Morgan gets his guitar back…

    Nicke called Scott to say:

    A kid said he saw it leaning up against a wall in Central Station and
    gave it to his friend who is learning to play. Kid #2’s parents saw
    it and became a bit suspicious of the gift. Scott’s papers were in
    the case along with his name and e-mail and the mom asked at work
    whether anyone had heard of Scott Morgan. As luck would have it, one
    of the co-workers was a friend of Nicke’s! So, yippee. The kid got
    the reward but I think it should have gone to mom! Now…. what age
    is it we can’t trust anymore……? Under 30???


    Bucky Ramone
    "Coma Girl" wrote:
    Good news, Scott Morgan gets his guitar back…

    8) 8) 8)

    …the reward definitely should go to mum, and how about writing 1000 times "Thou shalt not steal" as a lesson for the kid…. :roll:



    Hehe, he had luck that it was just some kids with good parents and no real criminals. :D



    Very lucky to say the least, absolutely amazing he got it back!

    Gotta love that mum though, agree she should get the reward :aliensmile:



    that is a display of pretty insane karma, Scott must have done a lot of good things in this life.

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