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    Dinosaur Jr
    Minglewood Hall
    Memphis, TN

    Source: Schoeps CCM-4L>Lunatec V3>Tascam HD-P2
    Transfer: HD-P2>Audacity>CDWave>Trader’s Little Helper
    Recorded and seeded by Tim DiScenza

    Thanks to Rumpy from the Dinosaur Jr forum for his setlist/tracking help

    01: In A Jar
    02: Forget the Swan
    03: Back to Heart
    04: Been There All the Time
    05: I Don’t Want to Go There
    06: Little Fury Things
    07: Feel the Pain
    08: Pick Me Up
    09: Tarpit
    10: Freak Scene
    11: Kracked
    12: Sludge Feast
    13: The Wagon
    14: Just Like Heaven

    ; wholefile md5 checksum file generated by Trader’s Little Helper
    ; generated on April 15, 2009, at 18:25:16

    0fbde7dc982ed5f3d29fa056aaea1221 *DinosaurJr04-14-09d1t01.flac
    059bfca4ac81dc24a0c1163a46325aae *DinosaurJr04-14-09d1t02.flac
    2c15b5ccccc45b1e2d9c6a4c89c6372a *DinosaurJr04-14-09d1t03.flac
    bd9e851ed2caa0e6e70a0c3a02327ff5 *DinosaurJr04-14-09d1t04.flac
    a429183f9bb2550532b528f64be8d1e4 *DinosaurJr04-14-09d1t05.flac
    1eb433319d4bcd73629d4d4413303c29 *DinosaurJr04-14-09d1t06.flac
    b014b6369af34330e846b8d0b3686608 *DinosaurJr04-14-09d1t07.flac
    82d22ae7404530f6c05aa430e8d58b50 *DinosaurJr04-14-09d1t08.flac
    049e5fac97fadddc499e231ceeba0646 *DinosaurJr04-14-09d1t09.flac
    8a3ad3a0ebf9cd21c47c516935b41420 *DinosaurJr04-14-09d1t10.flac
    1633c717a4cea5e25f2139fb17248f14 *DinosaurJr04-14-09d1t11.flac
    f09449fe191ef0dc042415a64217ad02 *DinosaurJr04-14-09d1t12.flac
    66b4cefb01e73934cdec8c2ecd608135 *DinosaurJr04-14-09d1t13.flac
    74f59d84a432c4a1bfd992cc6d764e39 *DinosaurJr04-14-09d1t14.flac



    Thanks. I’m DownLoading it now.



    I added all the ID3 tags (track titles, etc.) and added a live shot from the 4/11 show as Album Art. I also converted a copy to [email protected]…for those of us with our little iPods… I hope this helps. Enjoy




    Where were you standing when you recorded this? I was right by the stage in front of Lou and I probably couldn’t hear 85% of the vocals (some of the time J. looked like he was just miming, because I couldn’t hear any vocals), and they are quite clear on this recording. Could you hear them at the show wherever you were? It’s not really a big deal since the music itself is so good and I know all the lyrics anyway, but still, it would have been nice…



    I was right in front of the soundboard and could hear everything just fine from there.

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